Public Restrooms Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some restrooms have paper towels and others use a wall mounted hand dryer?

Where can I find a hand dryer distributor?

How do wall mounted hand dryers work?

What are the benefits of a touch-free wall mounted hand dryer?

Is an electric hand dryer safe?

Should I use an air dryer for my restaurant kitchen?

How have auctomatic hand dryers changed since they first came out?

How can I make my automatic hand dryers last for the long haul?

What is the most effective way to use an automatic electric dryer?

Are auto hand dryers a new technology?

Why should I do away with paper towels for the automatic dryer?

What determines the power of a renstroom hand dryer?

How can I keep my restroom dryer?

Are bathroom hand dryers available in many colors?

Why is it so important to have good hand hygiene?

Is there an easy regular way to wash your hands?

Why are there so many regulations about washing hands if you work in a restaurant?

Will keeping my hands clean protect me from germs?

When should I be sure to have clean hands?

What makes hand sanitizer different than soap?

How can I safely install a touchless hand dryer?

When shouldn't I install touchelss hand dryers?

How long do touch free hand dryers last?

Can I fix my no touch hand dryer on my own or do I need help?

Are there any downsides to a push button hand dryer?

Do people prefer towels or a restroom auto dryer?

Is a restroom automatic dryer smart for my restaurant?

Is a restroom hand dryer a good solution for handicap access restrooms?

Does Saniflow make more than just hand dryers?

What are the advantages to the new Mediflow hand dryers?

Is the World Dryer hair dryer a good solution for my hotel?

Should I buy American Standard products for my home bathroom remodeling?

What makes warm air hand dryers dry better?

Are there any benefits to getting stainless steel hand dryers for my restrooms?

How do I clean my chrome hand dryers?

What are the benefits of a cast iron dryer?

Is a plastic hand dryer durable enough for my needs?

How can I control the overspill of my soap dispensers?

What are the advantages of an automatic soap dispensers?

How can I replace a commercial soap dispenser?

Do motion sensors for soap dispensers have any common issues?

Can I order my bathroom supplies on the Internet?

Is there a particular graffiti remover I should use for restrooms?

How can I keep my mirror cleaner on a regular basis?

What are the basic bathroom cleaners that I should have in my bathroom?

How can I prevent streaks when using glass cleaner?

How can I prevent bathroom germs from spreading to other areas of the house?

What is a good bathroom hygiene routine?

How can I maintain better bathroom cleanliness when I have overnight guests?

Why do many public restrooms provide toilet seat covers?

Is every public bathroom as dirty as I think?

Is graffiti in public restrooms a crime?

Are Executive Restrooms a good solution when my facilities are under repair?

Is it sanitary to use a public toilet?

What is the difference between normal and commercial bathroom fixtures?

Am I required to have a handicap bathroom in my restaurant?

Where can I get the handicap bathroom fixtures that are required?

Should I replace or just fix a loose grab bar in a handicap bathroom stall?

Why do handicap restrooms require a grab bar?

Can I get custom made handicap grab bars to better match my restroom?

What makes ADA grab bars compliant?

What are common mistakes in ADA compliance construction?

Can I use handicap bathroom accessories in my own home?

Are there regulations for handicap hand dryer accessability?

What is the required depth of an ADA approved hand dryer?

Do ADA hand dryers need Braille instructions on them?

What is the proper way to use a diaper changing pull down system?

Can I get my own changing table instead of using the ones in public restrooms?

Why do so many public restrooms use changing station made by Koala Bear Care?

How should I clean a baby changing station when I am done?

Are baby change tables with legs safer than the ones the float from the wall?

Can I get bathroom signs to match my restaurant?

Where can I find Braille signs for my business?

What are the penalties for ignoring handicap signs in parking lots?

How do I choose the right restroom sign for my place?

How do you refill a manual lever paper towel dispenser?

What are the benefits of an automatic paper towel dispenser?

Am I better off getting towel dispensers with rolls or sheets of towels?

Should I use a dispenser for napkins at my restaurant?

How do I install a sanitary napkin dispenser vending unit?

Is there a tampon holder that can give me a little more privacy in my purse?

How can I replace a dingy toilet seat cover or lid?

What is the right way to dispose of snaitary napkins?

Can I use a toilet for tampon disposal?

What type of toilet tissue holders would be best for my restrooms?

What is the easiest way to install a toilet paper holder?

Are there any reasons to buy a standing toilet paper holder instead of one that goes on the wall?

How do I install a recessed toilet paper holders?

Where can I buy a plastic paper dispenser for my restroom?

What should I do when I get an empty toilet paper dispenser in my stall?

When will we see an automatic toilet paper dispenser?

Is there a proper way to empty waste receptacles?

Should I have lids on my bathroom trash cans?

What do I need to put in with constrcution of a public bathroom stall?

How can I replace my stall latches on an old bathroom door?

Is it easy to customize my bathroom mirrors?

How can I clear off the fog on my bathroom mirrors?

What is the best way to mount my bathroom mirrors?

Where can I get custom cut bathroom mirrors?

What are some guidelines for handicap restroom design?

How should a soap dispenser be installed in a handicap restroom?

Where should paper towels be placed in handicap restrooms?

What automatic dryers are best for handicap restrooms?

How should feminine hygiene dispensers be installed in handicap restrooms?

How much space do wheelchairs need in a handicap restroom?

What special features are needed for showers in a handicap restroom?

Are toilet paper rolls or folded paper dispensers better for handicap restrooms?

What types of trash cans are needed for handicap restrooms/

How should multiple dryers be intstalled in handicap restrooms?

Can air dryers help my business?

Are warm air hand dryers hard to maintain?

How can restroom automatic dryers discourage criminal activity?

Why install warm air hand dryers at the gym?

Are warm air hand dryers a good choice for airport restrooms?

Are warm air hand dryers better than paper towels for use in nursing homes?

Are air hand dryers better than paper towels for use in child care centers?

What makes restroom automatic dryers more hygienic than paper towels?

Do most people prefer air dryers or paper towels?

Can children use warm air hand dryers?

Which types of hand dryers are the most durable?

How quickly do warm air hand dryers work?

Are all warm air hand dryers loud?

What are the newest features in automatic electric dryers?

What type of restroom automatic dryer meets ADA requirements?

Are automatic hand dryers available in stainless steel?

What colors are available for an automatic hand dryer?

What type of automatic hand dryer offer the best value?

What is the correct height for an automatic electric dryer?

Why choose a hand dryer with a 360-degree nozzle?

Can free public toilets be converted to pay toilets?

What types of pay toilets are available?

What are some potential problems with pay toilets?

What are some advantages to pay toilets?

How does the cleaning crew access a pay toilet?

What are some benefits to pay toilets in restaurants?

What are some other features of pay toilets?

Can pay toilets be made free during busy business hours?

What should consumers know about pay toilets?

What are some security featues of pay toilets?

What are some advantages of restroom advertising?

How does the cost of bathroom advertising compare to other ads?

Does the public accept restroom advertising?

Will people pay attention to bathroom advertising?

Can restroom advertising be placed on the outside of automatic public toilets?

What types of indoor advertising are available for public restrooms?

What types of indoor ads are available and how much do they cost?

Do people remember restroom advertising?

Can restroom advertising target a niche market?

What type of bathroom advertising is best for my business?

How can electric hand dryers be safely serviced?

What are the benefits of restroom partitions?

What features of public restroom design improve efficiency?

Are there public restroom laws regarding hot water?

How often are public bathrooms in airports cleaned?

What bathroom floor plans enhance safety?

What regulations are involved when installing wall-mounted hand dryers?

What public restroom design keeps customers from touching doors?

How can warm air hand dryers improve waste management?

What are the benefits of background music in public bathrooms?

Can I order restroom hand dryers online?

Are there companies that build freestanding restrooms for public places?

What might cause a restroom automatic hand dryer to malfunction?

How do I know when my automatic hand dryer is low on power?

What are some safety features of restroom hand dryers?

What added accessories make a public restroom experience more sanitary?

What factors are important for a restroom sign?

What restroom accessories are a hit with customers?

What safety features are available from a restroom supply store?

What type of toilet paper dispenser is easiest and cheapest to maintain?

How do waterless urinals help the environment?

Are waterless urinals sanitary?

How can waterless urinals save money?

Are waterless urinals hard to install?

How do you sanitize a waterless urinal?

What are the benefits of disposable urinal mats?

What is the purpose of a urinal mat or screen?

What is a urinal sanitizer dispenser?

Who uses portable urinals?

Where can portable urinals be used?

How are touch free hand dryers more sanitary than push-button models?

How can I afford an auto hand dryer?

How can touchless hand dryers stay as clean as possible?

Are there paperless alternatives to paper toilet seat covers?

What are some advantages of disposable toilet seat covers?

What is the cleanest option if I can't afford a touch-free faucet?

What are the advantages of toilet seat cover dispensers?

What features make cleaning restrooms easier/

What are the benefits of foam or spray soaps in public bathrooms?

How many toilet seat covers do dispensers hold?

What safety features are important for unisex bathrooms?

What are family restrooms?

What safety features are especially important for unisex bathrooms?

What are some advantages of a single, unisex bathroom?

What family-friendly accessories can go in a unisex bathroom?

How can I retrofit a restroom as a unisex bathroom?

Where can I get a unisex bathroom sign?

What are some design ideas for unisex bathrooms?

Are unisex bathrooms a requirement in new construction?

What venues could benefit from unisex bathrooms?

What do I do if there is no changing table?

Should restroom privacy be guaranteed by law?

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