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The Safety of the Electric Hand Dryer

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Is an electric hand dryer safe?

The Safety of the Electric Hand Dryer

Many people wouldn't think that electricity would be the best thing to go hand in hand with, well, drying your hands. We all know that electricity and water don't make for great bedfellows, so how can electric hand dryers ensure safety with the two elements in such close proximity? It is simple – the answer is that the manufacturers have put safety precaution after safety precaution in these electric hand dryers that make them perfectly safe. That is, as long as they are used correctly. Pay attention to the following hand dryer guide on safety. Between the shielding that surrounds the electric currents and the other safety precautions put in place by manufacturers, the electric hand dryer has enjoyed a safe history. As new advances in insulation are made, the technology finds its way into this application.



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