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Kitchen Sanitation - Air Dryer Over Paper

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Should I use an air dryer for my restaurant kitchen?

Kitchen Sanitation - Air Dryer Over Paper

In restaurants, kitchen sanitation is of the utmost importance and should be watched with a keen eye. There are many aspects of sanitation that are overlooked. All restaurants hand strict hand-washing guidelines for their employees, but few dictate how to dry your hands after washing. For the most sanitary results, use an air dryer instead of paper towels. Industrial paper towels are made from materials that can flake as you dry. With an air dryer, there are no such impediments that could remain after you finish drying. Some kitchens even use regular towels instead of paper, which after being used by two or three people, will carry extra particles from each. With an air dryer in your kitchen, nobody will share anything but the sink. If you have a restaurant and want to ensure that you have the most sanitary kitchen you can provide, have your kitchen staff use an air dryer instead of towels to finish the job.



12/7/2006 8:32:41 PM
Marlene Fuller said:

Hot air dryers blow warm re-circulated air (not fresh air) from the restrooms directly onto moist hands. Restrooms are full of bacteria. Any airborne bacteria will be planted directly on the hands and to grow furiously and spread disease. Think of Biology 101. The best environment to grow bacteria is one that is warm and moist. I personally won't use a restroom with hot air dryers in it. Neither should anyone else.


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