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Maintaining Your Automatic Hand Dryers

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How can I make my automatic hand dryers last for the long haul?

Maintaining Your Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic hand dryers are not so inexpensive that you can let them sit and replace them whenever you need to. Because of the initial expense involved, it is important to do the little things that will give your automatic hand dryers a long life of good use. Here are a few easy automatic hand dryer tips you can use to make yours last longer: • Clean the Trigger – In automatic hand dryers, whether air or paper, there is a beam that reflects the user's motion that signals and triggers the machine to start working. Over time, this beam can be impeded by accumulated debris, making it more difficult to read the user's motions. Simply wipe this down regularly and you will not be faced with that problem. • Clear the Flow – If you have automatic hand dryers that use air to dry, you need to regularly clear out the passage to get the best flow of air possible. Again, over time, there can be a build up of dust or other impediments. Most automatic air dryers have a simple process to clear this out and it will help you in the long haul. • Ground It – When installing automatic hand dryers, make sure you use an electric current that is well grounded in the event of a power surge or storm. Nothing will kill an automatic hand dryer faster than an electrical surge that fries it. Consult an electrician to get the best installation advice. Follow these few steps and maintenance procedures and you will extend the life of your automatic hand dryers.



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