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Using an Automatic Electric Dryer

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What is the most effective way to use an automatic electric dryer?

Using an Automatic Electric Dryer

Too many people walk out of a public restroom with still wet hands, fuming because there were no paper towels and only an automatic electric dryer. These people don't leave with dry hands because they don't know how to properly use one of these mechanisms. Here are some automatic hand dryer tips on the proper procedure for using an automatic electric hand dryer (a.k.a. automatic elec dryer). First, of course, wash your hands thoroughly. When you are done washing, step over to the dryer and motion your hands underneath it. If it is an automatic electric dryer, it will start as soon as it reads the motion of your hands. When it begins blowing, it is not enough to just hold your hands there. This is where most people go wrong. You need to rub your hands together to provide friction. The friction will enhance the evaporation of the water that takes place when using an automatic hand dryer. Keep rubbing in the warm air to get your hands completely dry. When you are finished, you should have hands dryer than if you had used a towel. Proper use of an automatic electric dryer will make the difference in leaving with wet hands and dry ones.



2/7/2007 10:08:21 AM
grace said:

I would much rather have paper towels to dry my hands with. I believe all the electric dryers do, besides help to dry, is circulate bacteria and germs directly back onto one's hands. Is this not true??

2/12/2007 6:41:25 AM
Becky said:

Just how sanitary is this machine anyway??? Isn't the air used to dry the hands sucked up from the bottom of the unit (floor)? Where does the air come from?


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