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An Effective Method to Wash Your Hands

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Is there an easy regular way to wash your hands?

An Effective Method to Wash Your Hands

Too many people take hand hygiene for granted and are in need of some serious hand hygiene tips. Just rinsing your hands with water after using the restroom is not enough. If you want to be effective in keeping your hands clean, here are a few basics on how to ensure you get a good, sanitary wash.

First, use warm water. Many people scold their hands thinking the water needs to be super hot when you wash your hands. This is not so. Too much heat can actually close up pores and trap dirt and grime in your skin. Warm water is just right so that it opens these pores up.

Also, use a good soap and really scrub. For an effective wash, it is recommended that you use an antibacterial soap and scrub each hand on its own for 10 seconds. Really get into the grooves of the skin by focusing on only one hand at a time.

To finish the job, dry off using a clean towel or air dryer. When you wash your hands, you need to get them good and dry to prevent particles from sticking to your wet skin. Not properly drying can negate all of the cleaning you just did.

Practice effective hand hygiene by using a good method when you wash your hands.



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