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When Not To Install Touchless Hand Dryers

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When shouldn't I install touchelss hand dryers?

When Not To Install Touchless Hand Dryers

Touchless hand dryers are a great advancement for sanitation in restrooms. However, not all restrooms are right for touchless hand dryers and would be better served by a push-button dryer instead. One of the best touchless dryer tips is knowing when not to install one.

The first example of when to go with a push-button instead of touchless hand dryers is in smaller restrooms. See, in a small restroom where the dryer would need to be very close to the sink, the touchless sensor could be set off when a person is still washing their hands. These sensors can be touchy, and each time they run it is costing you electricity. Stay away from installing touchless hand dryers in smaller restrooms.

Another instance of when not to go with touchless hand dryers is in places where the dryer may serve multiple purposes. Touchless dryers are not equipped for drying hair, for example, as traditional electric dryers can by swiveling the head. Maybe soon these models will be more available, but for now, stick to the push-button ones for these needs as they are tried and true.

Choosing between push-button and touchless hand dryers comes down to convenience and budget. Consult with a manufacturer or supplier to ask what would be the best model for your needs.



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