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The Mediflow - Intelligent Hand Drying

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What are the advantages to the new Mediflow hand dryers?

The Mediflow - Intelligent Hand Drying

After years of leading the industry in touchless hand dryers, Saniflow has introduced the first ‘intelligent' automatic hand dryer to the market – the Mediflow. The Mediflow employs LogicDry technology to save as much energy as possible while running. It is called ‘intelligent' hand drying because it is just that. An internal computer in the Mediflow can sense the temperature in the surrounding area. It then takes this temperature and adjusts the power and heat that it uses to dry hands. The balance between the outside elements and the Mediflow power and heat still provides a great drying experience without the need for toweling. The benefit to the owner is simple – you will save on your electricity. By optimizing the power that is used in the Mediflow, you only use a minimal amount of power to get the job done. In restrooms where the heat can rise to 95 degrees, the Mediflow will be 88% more efficient than a standard automatic dryer. These are savings that cannot be ignored. The costs of the Mediflow dryer will be saved in no time in electric costs.



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