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Stainless Steel Hand Dryers - A Sleek Look for Your Restrooms

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Are there any benefits to getting stainless steel hand dryers for my restrooms?

Stainless Steel Hand Dryers - A Sleek Look for Your Restrooms

For the restaurant owner who wants to maintain the feel of their place on into the restrooms, stainless steel hand dryers may be the solution for you. The stainless look is a good contrast to the typical stark white that most restrooms have in them. You lose nothing in terms of performance from stainless steel hand dryers as compared to painted dryers and there are benefits as well. Stainless steel hand dryers will not look as dirty as easily. The painted dryers can eventually chip and even rust, meaning faster replacement and more costs to you. Stainless steel hand dryers, however, will never face those problems.

Cleaning stainless steel dryers is as simple as wiping it down with the closest rag and polish. These stainless steel hand dryers may not only be the decorative solution to your restroom requirements, but they also will give you a longer life with less maintenance. When choosing a hand dryer type for your bathrooms, keep these things in mind.



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