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Soap Dispensers - Waste Not Want Not

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How can I control the overspill of my soap dispensers?

Soap Dispensers - Waste Not Want Not

Waste fits no business model. From time to money to soap, yes I said soap; waste can put a big pain in the pocketbook. In public restrooms, overspill of soap products can end up requiring the proprietor to order more soap up to 20 percent more often. There is a solution, however, and it comes in the form of foaming soap dispensers.

Foaming soap dispensers provide the soap to the user a little differently. Think about cream. It is a lot easier to spill a cup of heavy cream than it is to spill a cup of whipped cream. The same principle applies to liquid soap as compared to foaming soap. The lighter nature of the foaming soap means that it comes out of the soap dispenser with more control. Less weight means less pressure inside the soap dispenser, which means less pressure on the soap to come out.

Foam soap dispensers are barely more costly to install than liquid dispensers. Also, the soap is no more expensive itself. You will find that you are saving in no time by replacing your liquid soap dispensers with foaming ones.



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