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Benefits of an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

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What are the benefits of an automatic paper towel dispenser?

Benefits of an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

When you are done washing you hands in a public restroom, do you really want to pull on the same lever that others have pulled on? Who knows how well the last guy washed his hands. It is for this reason, mainly, that the automatic paper towel dispenser was invented.

You aren't alone in thinking that it is silly to touch something so infrequently cleaned just after washing your hands. Many manufacturers recognized this problem and introduced motion sensor technology in the form of automatic paper towel dispensers. These inventions work so that without touching anything, and simply by waving your hand beneath the mechanism, you can get your needed paper towels to finish drying off.

For owners of establishments, these automatic paper towel dispensers provide far more control over the use of paper towels. In the past, patrons could grab paper towels by the handful, discarding most of them without even using them. With automatic paper towel dispensers, the towels are distributed according to your settings of quantity. This will save you big on your paper product ordering.

There are many more advantages to automatic paper towel dispensers. Consult with one of the many manufacturers of these units for more information and pricing.



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