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Towel Dispensers - Roll or Sheet?

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Am I better off getting towel dispensers with rolls or sheets of towels?

Towel Dispensers - Roll or Sheet?

When buying towel dispensers for your restroom, garage, or other area, there are many choices you will need to make. If you go with a non-automatic towel dispenser, you will want to decide whether you wish to install a roll system with a lever, or a simple sheet dispenser which requires less effort. Trying to decide which type to purchase? Here is a simple public washroom dispenser guide:

There are benefits to both models of towel dispensers. Both are far less expensive to purchase and maintain than automatic towel dispensers. Both are easily installed and easy to refill. However, the differences are a matter of convenience and conservation.

With towel dispensers that distribute sheets, people using them can grab as many individual sheets as they like with little effort. The small effort needed makes these towel dispensers far more convenient for your users. Often, this means that a handful of paper towels will be thrown in the trash without really having been used. A few users like this in a row and you will be re-stocking your towel dispensers in no time. With the roll towel dispensers, a lever is required in order to retrieve each sheet-length of paper. With these towel dispensers, people are less willing to expend the effort to take towels they didn't need in the first place. These roll towel dispensers may be slightly less convenient because of the action required to operate them, but they will conserve far more than the sheet dispensers.



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