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Toilet Tissue Holders - Single Roll or Double?

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What type of toilet tissue holders would be best for my restrooms?

Toilet Tissue Holders - Single Roll or Double?

If you provide restrooms to your clients or customers, furnishing them is an important job. You need to combine convenience and comfort for the users, and convenience and efficiency for yourself and your staff. When it comes to toilet tissue holders, this balance is difficult.

Convenience and comfort for your users usually means providing them with toilet tissue holders that remind them of home. These are single-roll holders that we all have in our homes. While these provide the needed components for your clients or customers, for you, they are a different story.

Far more convenient and efficient for you, the owner, are double-roll toilet tissue holders. These units require less changing and refilling. They are also easily maintained and are designed to inhibit over-use. These types of toilet tissue holders are typically used in higher traffic restrooms when you would typically need to refill more often.

Getting the right combination of comfort, convenience, and efficiency for both you and your customers is important for your restrooms. Shop around for toilet tissue holders before you decide which type will give you the combination you are looking for.



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