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Installing a Toilet Paper Holder

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What is the easiest way to install a toilet paper holder?

Installing a Toilet Paper Holder

One of the best toilet paper tips is to install a new toilet paper holder. When refurnishing your bathroom, installing a new toilet paper holder can add a little extra something to your design. Toiler paper holders come in all shapes, sizes, and materials from plastic to porcelain. With all of the choices, you are sure to find one that fits your design perfectly.

Installing a toilet paper holder is simple. Depending on the type you purchase, you will need different tools. For units that adhere to the wall, you will need to get a strong adhesive and a guide to make clean lines. For those that affix to a mounting bracket (the most typical of models) you will simply need a screwdriver and the hardware that is provided.

First, measure and mark with a pencil the area where you will install the toilet paper holder. A pencil is best so that you can easily fix bad marks. Next, use a level to ensure that you are putting the toilet paper holder parallel to the ground beneath it. Now, affix the mounting bracket to the wall using the screws and anchors (if needed) that came with the holder. These are typically two screws that you will want to drill in for tightness.

Now that the bracket is in place, you can snap or screw the toilet paper holder into position. This step is the easiest as there are usually clear markings or slots in which to screw or slide the unit into place. Once this is done, you can put the roller and roll on the holder and you are finished.



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