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Self-Standing Toilet Paper Holders - A Convenience for Sure

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Are there any reasons to buy a standing toilet paper holder instead of one that goes on the wall?

Self-Standing Toilet Paper Holders - A Convenience for Sure

In many bathrooms today, people are passing on installing toilet paper holders as fixed accessories in their restrooms. Instead, many are using self-standing toilet paper holders as both decoration and convenience. There are benefits to these types of toilet paper holders, and here are a few.

• Always In Reach – With these types of toilet paper holders, any user of any size can easily reach and be able to tear off the toilet paper that they need. In many bathrooms, the distance from the toilet that the paper maintains makes it awkward to reach for what is needed. With the self-standing units, they are free to move around on the ground.

• Design – Because these toilet paper holders are not affixed to any surface in your bathroom, when you decide to change the design in the future, this will not mean tearing things from the wall and spackling holes. You can just buy a new design of holder for your new design of bathroom.

• No Assembly Required – Most self-standing toilet paper holders come right out of the box, ready for use. The closest thing to assembly is sliding a fresh roll of Charmin on the roller. For anyone who has had to install a wall-mounted toilet paper holder, you can see the convenience right away.



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