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What to do When Your Toilet Paper Dispenser Runs Dry

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What should I do when I get an empty toilet paper dispenser in my stall?

What to do When Your Toilet Paper Dispenser Runs Dry

Almost everyone has been faced with an empty toilet paper dispenser at some point. When in a public restroom, this can be an ultra-inconvenience and an embarrassing situation. Next time you are in this bind, here are a couple of toilet paper tips on getting yourself out of trouble and out of the bathroom:

• Is There Anybody Out There? – If someone else is in the restroom, the obvious solution to an empty toilet paper dispenser is to ask them to pass you some from another stall. Unless you get someone with no conscious, you should get you solution right away.

• Is there another roll? – Many public restrooms have double roll toilet paper dispensers in them. If so, you may be able to open the unit and get that second roll. See if the locking system has a keyhole slot. Most of these are not keys at all, but just need any flat edge to open them. If you have your car keys, they should work perfect for opening the unit.

There are not too many more solutions to the empty toilet paper dispenser predicament. If you are in a single use restroom, you may be stuck with biting the bullet and getting up off the throne to get some paper towels.



5/23/2007 11:02:54 AM
duh said:

Get a life and then bring your own toilet paper


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