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Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers - Coming Soon to a Restroom near You

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When will we see an automatic toilet paper dispenser?

Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers - Coming Soon to a Restroom near You

Today, restrooms have automatic hand dryers, sinks, and paper towel dispensers. Many people wonder when there will be an automatic toilet paper dispenser in mass use in public restrooms? Well, it may be sooner than you think. Obviously, the need for automation in the public restroom is seen by those who can help. Otherwise, we would not have the conveniences listed above. With the advances in touchfree technology and motion sensors, manufacturers are already experimenting with the most effective way of introducing automatic toilet paper dispensers.

The touchy part of the innovation is in the motion sensor. Many people have different habits when using the restroom. A motion sensor is only effective if it only picks up the intended motion to activate the unit. For a toilet paper dispenser, because of the tight quarters in most stalls, many motions could activate the unit when it wasn't supposed to. This problem is being worked on and, when solved, look for automatic toilet paper dispensers in many public restrooms.



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