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Essentials in a Public Bathroom Stall

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What do I need to put in with constrcution of a public bathroom stall?

Essentials in a Public Bathroom Stall

If you are involved in the construction of a public bathroom stall, you will not need a bathroom construction guide to accessorize properly for the public, you just need a detailes list. There are a few accessories that are absolutely necessary, and others that are a matter of convenience. Your local health codes may also mandate what you put in your bathroom stall, so be sure to check with the local authority on the matter. • Toilet Paper – You will need to provide easy access to a toilet paper dispenser in your bathroom stall. This may sound far too obvious, but you would be surprised at how many bathroom stall designs do not take easy access into account. • Toilet Seat Covers – This is one where your local health board may have their own regulations. Many consider it a necessity to have toilet seat covers in a bathroom stall, and if you want to please everyone, they should be included. • Door Hook – In public restrooms, people often are carrying bags or wearing jackets that they would not want to rest on a bathroom floor. In your bathroom stall, offer a hook on the back of the door for people to hang their stuff on when using the facilities.



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