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Replacing Your Bathroom Stall Latches

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How can I replace my stall latches on an old bathroom door?

Replacing Your Bathroom Stall Latches

The doors to public restroom stalls swing back and forth more often than any other type of door. Although these doors are designed with this in mind, after years of use, even the strongest stall latches need replacing. Many people think that they need to replace the entire door when this happens. This is not the case. To replace the latches you don't need to read an entire bathroom construction guide, just follow the simple steps below.

First, examine how the stall latches are affixed to the door. Usually, there are only a few screws that will hold each piece in place. If so, you can begin by removing the old stall latch form both the door and the locking point. Once the old stall latch is off, clean the surface as best as you can in preparation for the new stall latches.

Now, get out the new stall latch that you want to install. With your new latch, the holes to install it may not match up. If not, use a pencil to mark the new holes and drill them out with a sturdy drill bit. If the holes intersect, use a putty that will harden before drilling the new holes.

Lastly, follow the instructions that came with the new stall latch to properly screw in the unit. This may involve washers or spaces that will ensure that the latch seals when used. Make sure to follow the procedure exactly as instructed to install your new bathroom latches.



9/28/2007 9:14:57 AM
Me said:

That's great, but how do you remove a latch without screws or concealed screws? Anyone can look at something with readily available screws and figure out how to take it apart, so this isn't what people looking for this information are searching for.

1/9/2008 2:05:24 PM
Ella said:

Good Tip, I'll use that for furture refference for my business


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