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Mounting Bathroom Mirrors

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What is the best way to mount my bathroom mirrors?

Mounting Bathroom Mirrors

If you are installing new bathroom mirrors, you have a few choices in how to mount or hang them. Here is our brief bathroom construction guide on some of the most typical installation procedures for bathroom mirrors: Adhesives – Many bathroom mirrors are simply affixed to the wall by using industrial adhesives. These adhesives are powerful so that they can withstand the steam, heat, and other elements that would quickly make most adhesives ineffective. Hanging Brackets – You can also use the small plastic or metal brackets to hang your bathroom mirrors. These are first nailed or screwed into the wall and then used to brace the bathroom mirror. Be sure that if using these, you line them up correctly and level. Cable – For decorative bathroom mirrors, you can hand them using the same type of hook and cable system for hanging pictures. Be sure to get a high density cable as mirrors fall hard when they fall. You need a sturdy support to make sure this doesn't happen. There are many other custom ways to install bathroom mirrors. Many come with their own hanging supports or levers. Good luck with your bathroom mirror installation.



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