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Air Dryers Serve Travelers' Needs

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Are warm air hand dryers a good choice for airport restrooms?

Air Dryers Serve Travelers' Needs

Although some travelers seek out paper towels in public restrooms so they can wipe their bags or boots, they are also increasingly likely appreciate the higher level of hand hygiene that is possible with warm air hand dryers compared to paper towels. With the greater public awareness about how easily germs are spread during travel, installing air dryers in public restrooms in airports and train stations is a public health service, as well as a cost-saver.



12/26/2008 7:44:10 AM
HARK said:

The higher level of hygiene offered by air dryers is a false sense of security, all they do is recycle the air in the room, any germs dust and particulates in the air are instead recycled and accellereated straight onto your hands, additionally you are then using you are potnetially using your now clean hand to turn off the faucet or open the door which just re-introdues you to the germs you already had on your hands.


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