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Try Air Dryers In Day Care Centers, Save Paper And Money

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Are air hand dryers better than paper towels for use in child care centers?

Try Air Dryers In Day Care Centers, Save Paper And Money

The public restrooms in day care centers can benefit from air hand dryers in several ways:

Cost: Over time, organizations that use warm air hand dryers can save significantly compared with the money spent on paper towels during the course of a year, which can make a significant difference in childcare centers on tight budgets. A warm air hand dryer costs approximately $500, with very little additional cost over time, while paper towels can cost $25 a case. Buy more than 20 cases of paper towels a year? A hand dryer will save you money.

Ease of Use: Day care providers who help children in the restroom may find it easier to push a button and help the child rub his or her hands together under the warm air hand dryers than to struggle with paper towels and have them littering the floor by the time a squirming child has dry hands.

Reduced Spread of Germs: Eliminating paper towel litter also helps reduce the transmission of infection that can occur if children share paper towels or pick up used towels from the floor or trash can.



3/6/2007 6:36:48 AM
Monica Castro said:

Hand driers are more effecient compared to paper towels. They are environmental friendly and modern. I takes less of an effort to use one of them instead of using 5 paper towels.

3/6/2007 6:38:31 AM
Lily Granado said:

Hand dryers are better for the environment. They kill germs better than paper towels.


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