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Choose Cast Iron Hand Dryers For Maximum Durability

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Which types of hand dryers are the most durable?

Choose Cast Iron Hand Dryers For Maximum Durability

Industrial settings such as public restrooms in schools may be appropriate venues for cast iron hand dryers when choosing an automatic hand dryer. Companies such as American Dryer offer cast iron models with enamel covers, which make them chip-resistant and easy to wipe clean, which is an important consideration for schools and businesses where users of public restrooms are more likely to be dirty due to work or gym class.

If your establishment has a theme of color or more, you can paint and decorate your cast iron hand dryer very easily. Simply score the surface of the finished cast iron dryer with some sand paper. Once the surface is sufficiently scuffed, acrylic paint will have no problem giving you a good coat over the existing color. There are many benefits to using a cast iron dryer in heavily trafficked restrooms.



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