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Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryers Present A Crisp Look

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Are automatic hand dryers available in stainless steel?

Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryers Present A Crisp Look

Public restrooms in upscale settings such as restaurants and hotels may be appropriate venues for stainless steel hand dryers, especially with the current trend towards stainless steel in appliances and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Stainless steel hand dryers are available from various manufacturers and can be found in both push-button and touchless styles.



11/17/2008 9:16:27 AM
C said:

The BluStorm High Speed Hand Dryer is made of Stainless Steel and can dry your hands in less than 10 -15 seconds. It is completely touchless and is small & compact. Looks great in any restroom and works tremendously well.


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