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Choose Your Payment Option For Pay Toilets

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What types of pay toilets are available?

Choose Your Payment Option For Pay Toilets

For businesses or local officials considering pay toilets as a type of public restrooms, there are several types of payment options, including:

  • Single-user self-cleaning toilets: Also known as automatic public toilets, or APTs; these can be free, but pay versions are available that take cards, coins, or tokens.
  • Public restrooms with an attendant who collects money: The downside is the potential cost of an attendant, but the benefit is increased safety and security. This pay toilet option is often used in hotels or upscale stores, such as Harrod's in London.
  • Turnstile entry that requires a token or coins: But if tokens or cards are used, a machine or person is needed to sell the tokens or cards.



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