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Labyrinth-style Public Restroom Entrances Eliminate Door Contact

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What public restroom design keeps customers from touching doors?

Labyrinth-style Public Restroom Entrances Eliminate Door Contact

Bathroom stall doors are another point of cross-contamination in public bathrooms. Here's one public restroom design idea to solve this problem: Eliminate the doors. In addition to eliminating the bathroom stall door as a source of germs, a labyrinth-style entrance has other advantages:

  • No danger of an outward-swinging door hitting someone. Although outward-swinging doors allow public restroom users to push them open without touching them, these doors require more space, and there is the danger of fellow customers being hit by swinging doors
  • Less incentive for criminal activity. If there are no doors to close, criminals are deterred. Also, sound carries farther when no doors exist, and this may deter potential criminals as well.



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