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Disposable Urinal Mats Keep Restroom Floors Clean And Dry

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What are the benefits of disposable urinal mats?

Disposable Urinal Mats Keep Restroom Floors Clean And Dry

A disposable urinal mat underneath each urinal in a public restroom will absorb residue and odor and save on cleanup time and effort because there is no need for constantly monitoring and mopping the floor. The rubber mat is designed to be thrown away once it is fully soiled. Disposable mats are available in packs of 6 with a price range of anywhere from $30-$100 and can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers, including some discount warehouses such as Sams Club which may offer savings on bulk orders.



12/13/2007 9:13:45 PM
Jeff said:

I like the WizKid Mat since you don't have to fumble with tape and it doesn't turn yellow...


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