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One Auto Hand Dryer Can Pay For The Next One

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How can I afford an auto hand dryer?

One Auto Hand Dryer Can Pay For The Next One

If you're a business owner considering an auto hand dryer, but unsure of the cost-effectiveness, consider starting with one auto hand dryer, in addition to paper towel dispensers. Although dryers cost $200-$500, depending on their features, the long-term savings are significant because of the saving on paper towel refills. So, once you've saved some money after installing one dryer, you may find that you have enough to install a second one, and get rid of the paper towel dispenser.

If installing an auto hand dryer in a public restroom in a building with cement or concrete walls, extra conduit cables may be needed to carry the wires to an outlet. Consult an electrician to determine the best way to install an auto hand dryer.



6/17/2009 6:08:28 PM
mike said:

But hand dryers pull in dirty bathroom air, which then gets all over your hands


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