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Clean Touchless Hand Dryers Without Touching Them

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How can touchless hand dryers stay as clean as possible?

Clean Touchless Hand Dryers Without Touching Them

The ongoing chore of maintaining restroom sanitation can be made easier by using high-pressure sprays and vacuum systems to clean appliances. These products, such as the high-pressure spray made by the Durkin Co., are not for deep cleaning, but they work especially well for the daily cleaning of touchless appliances, such as touchless hand dryers, that don't get as dirty as push-button styles.

Although touchless hand dryers tend to cost slightly more than push-button models, customers are increasingly interested in hygienic bathroom fixtures, and studies have shown that they see these features as valuable and beneficial to public health, and they respond favorably to restrooms with touchless features. So, if you are installing touchless soap dispensers and water faucets, go all the way and install the touchless hand dryers, too.



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