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Eliminate Visible Urinals When Retrofitting A Restroom As Unisex

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How can I retrofit a restroom as a unisex bathroom?

Eliminate Visible Urinals When Retrofitting A Restroom As Unisex

At the risk of seeming obvious, if you are a business owner who is retrofitting a public restroom that accommodates several people and turning it into a unisex bathroom, don't forget to remove the urinals if the facility has multiple stalls. Or, keep the urinals but put stall walls around them.

You'll eliminate the potential for embarrassment on the part of your customers of both genders.



1/16/2009 2:04:13 PM
ADAguy said:

In multiple fixture restrooms building codes do not require privacy partitions. Though recommended they can in some instances provide hiding places for undesireables.
Check you local city ordinances as to privacy requirements.


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