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Getting over that public bathroom phobia!

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Getting over that public bathroom phobia!

Listen, public bathrooms are scary enough as they are--even without an added phobia of them. So I decided that, instead of letting my phobia rule me, I would change how I felt about using public restrooms.

- Everybody Goes

For some people their phobia resides in the fact that they are nervous and embarrassed to be seen in public. Once you lock down the idea that everybody has to use the bathroom and most of them won't even acknowledge you while they are in there you can start to let go of that scared feeling.

- Relax

When you find yourself in the bathroom just try and relax. Claim whatever stall or urinal you desire, close your eyes, slump your shoulders, and just do you. Don't think. Don't listen to your surroundings, just let yourself go. If this doesn't get you relaxed enough you can even add in a little breathing exercise. Try whistling softly, if you are alone, or humming a tune. The goal is to get your mind off of the topic at hand.

- Claim Privacy

Some people just don't like the lack of privacy a public restroom offers. Don't be afraid to go into a stall even just to go number 1. If that isn't possible then make sure you stand really close to the actual urinal, as it will hide you from the people next to you. If even that fails you can shield yourself with your hand while you go.

At the very least those afraid of public restrooms should realize how little everyone else around them truly cares.



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