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Peeing in Style: These Restrooms Do Not Disappoint

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Peeing in Style: These Restrooms Do Not Disappoint

Sick of being afraid to touch anything in a public restroom? Perhaps you're going in the wrong ones. The following is a list of amazing public restrooms at nightclubs, restaurants, markets and stadiums that you should really try out. Just because they're public doesn't mean they can't be pretty.

1. Luxury and Serenity at Vanity Nightclub, Las Vegas

The bathrooms at Vanity Nightclub cost $1.2 million dollars and the women's room spans 2,000 square feet with 11 stalls. It inspires luxury and comfort so much that you may just forget you're in the ladies' room. The men's room boasts flat screens over the urinals and faux reptile skin walls.

2. A new take on a communal restroom at Liberty Market, Arizona

Liberty Market in Gilbert, Arizona has five unisex stalls each with their own design created by individuals who are part owners. The stalls vary in design and are accompanied by a complementary music playlist chosen by the designer.

3. Glass Bathrooms in Sulphur Springs, TX

Inspired by artist Monica Bonivicini from Switzerland, you might find yourself feeling uneasy as people walk by while you do your business in a glass cube in Sulphur Springs, TX. Have no fear, that glass is one way, so you can see out, but they can't see in.

4. Pop-Up Toilets in Europe

A company called Urilift is producing pop-up cylindrical lavatories in London and Amsterdam that look like something out of the future. Thankfully, if you have the sudden urge to go you won't be out of luck with these popping up all over.

5. Rustic and Beautiful Barrel Sinks in Mie N Yu Restaurant, in Washington, DC

Inspired by a Singapore flea market, the Mie N Yu restaurant in Washington, DC includes a unisex restroom with rock-lined copper basins and rustic faucets.

6. Digital Mirrors at Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech

Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech includes bathrooms with digital mirror displays. As one approaches to wash their hands they might see game stats or advertisements.

7. Bohemian Inspiration at Gitane Restaurant in San Francisco

In San Francisco, the restrooms located in the Gitane restaurant are inspired by its Bohemian decor. Black and white tiles are mixed with florals for added romance and remembrance.

8. Glowing Brilliance at the The Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel

The Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel includes a magnificent interior including rolled towels and faucets that flow blue if the water is cold and red if hot.



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