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Public Restroom Supplies Tips

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What added accessories make a public restroom experience more sanitary?

Accessorize Public Restrooms With Hooks And Shelves

When designing and outfitting a public restroom, a simple hook on the inside of the door is a much-appreciated restroom accessory. And it's not just a place to hang a purse. Placing hooks on the inside of a stall door in any public restroom gives customers a place to hand a coat, too. If space permits, consider a small pull-down shelf, especially in an office building setting, so customers have a place to set a stack of papers or a notebook without having to place them on the floor inside the stall; people often want a place to put things but they also want to avoid touching the germy floor of even the cleanest public restroom.

What type of toilet paper dispenser is easiest and cheapest to maintain?

Choose Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser For Fewer Changes

Have a really busy public restroom? A toilet paper dispenser that holds two rolls takes up more space, but it may be more cost-effective than a single roll dispenser. It won't need to be replaced as often, so it saves on labor as well. Some types of roll-style of dispenser even lock after a few turns. This design helps prevent excessive paper use, which can be a problem with the toilet paper dispensers that use folded sheets rather than rolls.

What safety features are available from a restroom supply store?

Check Restroom Supply Store For Antiscald Devices

Building or retrofitting a public restroom, especially one that children will use? Consider adding an antiscalding device. These devices, available from restroom supply companies or warehouse stores such as Home Depot, limit the water temperature to the plumbing fixture. Also, some devices can be programmed to shut the water off before it reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature that can cause serious burns.

Are there companies that build freestanding restrooms for public places?

Hire A Public Restroom Designer To Maximize Efficiency

If you are in the construction or architecture business, and are building an outdoor facility such as a soccer complex, golf course, or playground, consider hiring a professional public restroom company to handle the design and construction of a freestanding public restroom facility. Professionals such as The Public Restroom Company will evaluate your site and consider variables including traffic, placement of utilities, possible weather issues, and more. These public restroom companies will construct the facility and ship it to the site, where it can be installed in about a day.

What might cause a restroom automatic hand dryer to malfunction?

Keep Touchless Restroom Automatic Dryers Fingerprint-Free

Although touch-free, or motion-sensor restroom automatic dryers are fairly low-maintenance, the infrared sensors on most types of touch-free public restroom supplies, such as automatic hand dryers or sinks, will malfunction if they are too blocked by excessive dirt or fingerprints.

The answer: Use a non-corrosive, non-acid bathroom cleaner to give each sensor a quick daily wipe, which still takes less time than refilling a paper towel dispenser.

How do I know when my automatic hand dryer is low on power?

Keep A Battery Diary For Touchless Automatic Hand Dryers

The biggest maintenance issue for touchless automatic hand dryers may be changing the batteries. Although some touch-free systems have alarms that sound when the battery is running low, it makes sense for business owners to keep a log, a “battery diary,” so all employees know when batteries were installed.

But be advised: The newest models of touch-free public restroom equipment have photoelectric sensors and make batteries obsolete.

What factors are important for a restroom sign?

Make Sure Your Restroom Sign Speaks The Language

Public restrooms in most major areas cater to customers for whom English may not be their first language. When choosing a restroom sign, you can't go wrong with international symbols for male and female, or unisex, or family restrooms. Restroom signs also are available in Spanish and other languages, and if you are establishing a business in an area with a large concentration of people who speak a language other than English, a sign in their language is a step towards better customer relations.

What are some safety features of restroom hand dryers?

Does Your Restroom Hand Dryer Have An Automatic Shut-Off For Safety?

Some types of restroom hand dryers that are currently available have an override function that turns the dryer after a certain amount of time, even if someone's hands are still underneath the nozzle. This safety feature is available on several models, such as the American A Series from American Dryer, which shuts off in 80 seconds if hands are not removed.

Can I order restroom hand dryers online?

Order Restroom Hand Dryers Online

Online shopping options have become so extensive that businesses can order any public restroom supplies online, including restroom hand dryers, which are become more popular in response to the increase in public awareness of hand hygiene. Not only do most hand dryer distributors, such as American Dryer or Saniflow, have their own sites, but a simple Google search on "automatic hand dryer" or "restroom automatic dryer," for example, yields discount and bulk distributor sources for these dryers as well.

What restroom accessories are a hit with customers?

Choose Restroom Accessories With Ambiance

In the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) the restroom accessories add a great deal to the ambiance and making customers feel comfortable and welcome, as well as clean and healthy. Some helpful accessories include:

  • Facial tissues
  • Cotton swabs
  • Hand lotion
  • Cough drops
  • Band aids
  • Basket with feminine hygiene products
To take these accessories a step further, coordinate them with the style of the hotel or restaurant. Southwest/Mexican theme? It can be as simple as buying hand soap dispensers and tissue box covers in colors of the desert Southwest, or as extravagant as expensive bowls and baskets that reflect Southwestern art.

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