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Toilet Paper Tips

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What should I do when I get an empty toilet paper dispenser in my stall?

What to do When Your Toilet Paper Dispenser Runs Dry

Almost everyone has been faced with an empty toilet paper dispenser at some point. When in a public restroom, this can be an ultra-inconvenience and an embarrassing situation. Next time you are in this bind, here are a couple of toilet paper tips on getting yourself out of trouble and out of the bathroom:

• Is There Anybody Out There? – If someone else is in the restroom, the obvious solution to an empty toilet paper dispenser is to ask them to pass you some from another stall. Unless you get someone with no conscious, you should get you solution right away.

• Is there another roll? – Many public restrooms have double roll toilet paper dispensers in them. If so, you may be able to open the unit and get that second roll. See if the locking system has a keyhole slot. Most of these are not keys at all, but just need any flat edge to open them. If you have your car keys, they should work perfect for opening the unit.

There are not too many more solutions to the empty toilet paper dispenser predicament. If you are in a single use restroom, you may be stuck with biting the bullet and getting up off the throne to get some paper towels.

Are there any reasons to buy a standing toilet paper holder instead of one that goes on the wall?

Self-Standing Toilet Paper Holders - A Convenience for Sure

In many bathrooms today, people are passing on installing toilet paper holders as fixed accessories in their restrooms. Instead, many are using self-standing toilet paper holders as both decoration and convenience. There are benefits to these types of toilet paper holders, and here are a few.

• Always In Reach – With these types of toilet paper holders, any user of any size can easily reach and be able to tear off the toilet paper that they need. In many bathrooms, the distance from the toilet that the paper maintains makes it awkward to reach for what is needed. With the self-standing units, they are free to move around on the ground.

• Design – Because these toilet paper holders are not affixed to any surface in your bathroom, when you decide to change the design in the future, this will not mean tearing things from the wall and spackling holes. You can just buy a new design of holder for your new design of bathroom.

• No Assembly Required – Most self-standing toilet paper holders come right out of the box, ready for use. The closest thing to assembly is sliding a fresh roll of Charmin on the roller. For anyone who has had to install a wall-mounted toilet paper holder, you can see the convenience right away.

What type of toilet tissue holders would be best for my restrooms?

Toilet Tissue Holders - Single Roll or Double?

If you provide restrooms to your clients or customers, furnishing them is an important job. You need to combine convenience and comfort for the users, and convenience and efficiency for yourself and your staff. When it comes to toilet tissue holders, this balance is difficult.

Convenience and comfort for your users usually means providing them with toilet tissue holders that remind them of home. These are single-roll holders that we all have in our homes. While these provide the needed components for your clients or customers, for you, they are a different story.

Far more convenient and efficient for you, the owner, are double-roll toilet tissue holders. These units require less changing and refilling. They are also easily maintained and are designed to inhibit over-use. These types of toilet tissue holders are typically used in higher traffic restrooms when you would typically need to refill more often.

Getting the right combination of comfort, convenience, and efficiency for both you and your customers is important for your restrooms. Shop around for toilet tissue holders before you decide which type will give you the combination you are looking for.

Where can I buy a plastic paper dispenser for my restroom?

Buying a Plastic Paper Dispenser

Want some toilet paper tips? If you have a public or semi-private restroom in your office or restaurant, a smart move would be to buy and install a plastic paper dispenser for your stalls. A plastic paper dispenser is a great solution because of their durability and low cost. Metal paper dispensers can be damaged and rust over time. Plastic dispensers will never rust and with new harder plastics, are very difficult to break.

Buying plastic paper dispensers is easy. There are many manufacturers and retailers who can provide you with a great selection of styles and colors. You can also choose between single or double roll paper dispensers for less refilling. Shop around the web to start, as you can find most styles and lower prices from online distributors. With a plastic paper dispenser, you can even have your logo or company name branded into the plastic. Check with your supplier for this availability.

When will we see an automatic toilet paper dispenser?

Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers - Coming Soon to a Restroom near You

Today, restrooms have automatic hand dryers, sinks, and paper towel dispensers. Many people wonder when there will be an automatic toilet paper dispenser in mass use in public restrooms? Well, it may be sooner than you think. Obviously, the need for automation in the public restroom is seen by those who can help. Otherwise, we would not have the conveniences listed above. With the advances in touchfree technology and motion sensors, manufacturers are already experimenting with the most effective way of introducing automatic toilet paper dispensers.

The touchy part of the innovation is in the motion sensor. Many people have different habits when using the restroom. A motion sensor is only effective if it only picks up the intended motion to activate the unit. For a toilet paper dispenser, because of the tight quarters in most stalls, many motions could activate the unit when it wasn't supposed to. This problem is being worked on and, when solved, look for automatic toilet paper dispensers in many public restrooms.

What is the easiest way to install a toilet paper holder?

Installing a Toilet Paper Holder

One of the best toilet paper tips is to install a new toilet paper holder. When refurnishing your bathroom, installing a new toilet paper holder can add a little extra something to your design. Toiler paper holders come in all shapes, sizes, and materials from plastic to porcelain. With all of the choices, you are sure to find one that fits your design perfectly.

Installing a toilet paper holder is simple. Depending on the type you purchase, you will need different tools. For units that adhere to the wall, you will need to get a strong adhesive and a guide to make clean lines. For those that affix to a mounting bracket (the most typical of models) you will simply need a screwdriver and the hardware that is provided.

First, measure and mark with a pencil the area where you will install the toilet paper holder. A pencil is best so that you can easily fix bad marks. Next, use a level to ensure that you are putting the toilet paper holder parallel to the ground beneath it. Now, affix the mounting bracket to the wall using the screws and anchors (if needed) that came with the holder. These are typically two screws that you will want to drill in for tightness.

Now that the bracket is in place, you can snap or screw the toilet paper holder into position. This step is the easiest as there are usually clear markings or slots in which to screw or slide the unit into place. Once this is done, you can put the roller and roll on the holder and you are finished.

How do I install a recessed toilet paper holders?

Installing Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Installing recessed toilet paper holders is a little different than the typical toilet paper holder installation. Because the unit is recessed in the wall, you need to use different tools, including a good drywall saw.

Your first step is to measure the size of the hole you will need to cut in order for the recessed paper towel holder to sit properly. It is helpful to create a mold of the size and use it for outlining. Next, once you have clearly marked the lines of your hole, use a drill to open an access for your saw. Once you can get the saw into the gap, you can begin cutting out your needed space. You can also use a drill bit to cut out the hole, but a jigsaw will give you the cleanest lines.

Now that the hole for the recessed toilet paper holder is made, you will need to slide the holder into position within it. Your unit may have either screws to affix it to the wall, or built in latches that only require assistance in locking in place. Either way, consult your instruction manual from this step forward. Proper installation is the key to prevent someone pulling the unit out of the wall when all they wanted was a few sheets of toilet paper.

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