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Automatic Hand Dryer Tips

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What is the most effective way to use an automatic electric dryer?

Using an Automatic Electric Dryer

Too many people walk out of a public restroom with still wet hands, fuming because there were no paper towels and only an automatic electric dryer. These people don't leave with dry hands because they don't know how to properly use one of these mechanisms. Here are some automatic hand dryer tips on the proper procedure for using an automatic electric hand dryer (a.k.a. automatic elec dryer). First, of course, wash your hands thoroughly. When you are done washing, step over to the dryer and motion your hands underneath it. If it is an automatic electric dryer, it will start as soon as it reads the motion of your hands. When it begins blowing, it is not enough to just hold your hands there. This is where most people go wrong. You need to rub your hands together to provide friction. The friction will enhance the evaporation of the water that takes place when using an automatic hand dryer. Keep rubbing in the warm air to get your hands completely dry. When you are finished, you should have hands dryer than if you had used a towel. Proper use of an automatic electric dryer will make the difference in leaving with wet hands and dry ones.

How can I make my automatic hand dryers last for the long haul?

Maintaining Your Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic hand dryers are not so inexpensive that you can let them sit and replace them whenever you need to. Because of the initial expense involved, it is important to do the little things that will give your automatic hand dryers a long life of good use. Here are a few easy automatic hand dryer tips you can use to make yours last longer: • Clean the Trigger – In automatic hand dryers, whether air or paper, there is a beam that reflects the user's motion that signals and triggers the machine to start working. Over time, this beam can be impeded by accumulated debris, making it more difficult to read the user's motions. Simply wipe this down regularly and you will not be faced with that problem. • Clear the Flow – If you have automatic hand dryers that use air to dry, you need to regularly clear out the passage to get the best flow of air possible. Again, over time, there can be a build up of dust or other impediments. Most automatic air dryers have a simple process to clear this out and it will help you in the long haul. • Ground It – When installing automatic hand dryers, make sure you use an electric current that is well grounded in the event of a power surge or storm. Nothing will kill an automatic hand dryer faster than an electrical surge that fries it. Consult an electrician to get the best installation advice. Follow these few steps and maintenance procedures and you will extend the life of your automatic hand dryers.

Are auto hand dryers a new technology?

Auto Hand Dryers - Not the Future, But The Present

We live in the future. Read any mid-20th century science fiction novel and you will see that today, we employ many of the technologies that were once thought of as ‘futuristic'. Auto hand dryers are one of these, but you wouldn't read about one specifically in any book. Through combining new technologies with old ones, the auto hand dryer is a futuristic tool in present day society. Using beams of light (a classic sci-fi technology), auto hand dryers sense the user's presence and kick into gear on their own. Much like other automated systems once thought to be out of reach, these advances go well beyond the ‘cool' and lean towards the practical. Many people believe that ‘futuristic' means more than automation, or laser beams. Creating new inventions to conserve is also futuristic, and the auto hand dryer meets with this classification. Auto hand dryers have reduced the amount of bulk paper towels bought by public facilities enormously. This has made from vast reductions in de-foresting and is helping save at least one part of our environment. From the technical to the environmental, there are many reasons why auto hand dryers can be considered an invention of tomorrow that we have the benefit of using today.

What determines the power of a renstroom hand dryer?

How Much Power do You Need in a Restroom Hand Dryer?

Not every automatic dryer are made the same. If you are installing a restroom hand dryer in your establishment, you should decide on what power you are in need of before you shop around. Want some rstroom hand dryer tips? The power of the dryer is related to how many amps it requires to run. There are many levels of power available in restroom hand dryers. The most common power level used in restrooms today is a 20 amp model. However, new advances in the automatic restroom hand dryer have made it possible to get the same effectiveness out of a 13 or even 8.5 amp power. These new, lower amp requirements translate into a lower power bill after many uses. How much traffic do you expect in your restrooms? This will influence the power you will need in a restroom hand dryer. Consult with one of the many manufacturers and explain to them your potential use. They will be able to direct you to the right model for your needs.

Why should I do away with paper towels for the automatic dryer?

The Automatic Dryer - An Automatic Hit

When starting a new business, you need to keep a close eye on your expenses. In particular, you need to keep your eye on the horizon. If you are opening a convenience store, gas station, or restaurant, your supplies for your restrooms can become more expensive than they need to be over time. Although the start-up cost may be more, you can save a bundle in the long run by passing on the towels in favor of an automatic hand dryer. Waste in business can only be controlled to a point. With sanitary items such as paper towels, people can be extra wasteful. However, you don't need to worry yourself with the people who use 10 sheets just to dry their hands anymore. A single automatic dryer can pay for itself in only a few months as compared to what the expense would be to keep re-stocking those paper towel dispensers (automatic dryer tips the scale with that alone). Like I mentioned above, they are definitely more expensive to purchase, but without the waste you faced before, you will see the savings in no time.

How have auctomatic hand dryers changed since they first came out?

Advances in the Automatic Hand Dryer

In the past, public restrooms were not a haven for cleanliness. Today, however, restroom technology is changing for the better. In the past, a visitor to a public restroom would be forced to touch the door, the flush lever, the faucet, the hand dryer or paper-towel dispenser, and the door again when leaving. With so many common touching surfaces, it was difficult to control the spread of bacteria and other harmful substances. With advances in the automatic hand dryer, at least one step in this process has been alleviated. Advances in the automatic hand dryer stemmed from concerns about touching fixtures as well as the fact that many fixtures are not clean in the first place. Now, you can use a public restroom without being required to flush (with automatic flushing systems) or roll out a bundle of paper towels (with automatic hand dryers). These advances in automatic hand dryers are not limited to air dryers. There is an automatic hand dryer with air, but now there are also automatic paper towel dispensers for those who wish to use paper instead of air. These new advances in the automatic hand dryer have at least taken one unsanitary step out of using a public restroom.

How can I keep my restroom dryer?

Ventilation Fans - Keep Your Restroom Dryer

Are you bothered by the slippery floors and fogged mirrors you get when getting out of the shower? If you want to keep your restroom dryer, you should look at installing a ventilation fan. Wet floors can be very hazardous when getting out of the shower. Slips are very common and tile hurts, I can assure you. A ventilation fan can suck the moist air out of the restroom before it can settle on the floor and mirrors. Ventilation fans are low cost and fairly easy to install with the right tools. First, go to your local home improvement store and explain that you want to keep your restroom dryer and need a fan to help. They will be able to help you pick out the right type of fan for you. See if you can test it first to make sure that the noise that it creates is not bothersome, as some can be very loud. Installation instructions should come with the unit and you can get this project done in no time. Be sure to consult an electrician before adding any new lines. This little project can keep your restroom dryer and you safer.

Are bathroom hand dryers available in many colors?

Colored Bathroom Hand Dryers - Match Your Style

For truck stops and gas stations, style doesn't play too much into the design of the restrooms. However, for restaurants and other establishments that provide their customers with restrooms, style can matter quite a bit. One accessory that can now be matched to your color needs is bathroom hand dryers. Want some restroom hand dryer tips on style? Most manufacturers of bathroom hand dryers can now provide you with a selection of colors to match any color scheme. These colored units can be a little more expensive, but when it comes to style, spare as little expense as you can. A stark white bathroom hand dryer sticks out like a sore thumb on a painted or papered wall. Colored bathroom hand dryers can blend in better and give your restrooms a complete look.

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