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Auto Hand Dryers - Not the Future, But The Present

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Are auto hand dryers a new technology?

Auto Hand Dryers - Not the Future, But The Present

We live in the future. Read any mid-20th century science fiction novel and you will see that today, we employ many of the technologies that were once thought of as ‘futuristic'. Auto hand dryers are one of these, but you wouldn't read about one specifically in any book. Through combining new technologies with old ones, the auto hand dryer is a futuristic tool in present day society. Using beams of light (a classic sci-fi technology), auto hand dryers sense the user's presence and kick into gear on their own. Much like other automated systems once thought to be out of reach, these advances go well beyond the ‘cool' and lean towards the practical. Many people believe that ‘futuristic' means more than automation, or laser beams. Creating new inventions to conserve is also futuristic, and the auto hand dryer meets with this classification. Auto hand dryers have reduced the amount of bulk paper towels bought by public facilities enormously. This has made from vast reductions in de-foresting and is helping save at least one part of our environment. From the technical to the environmental, there are many reasons why auto hand dryers can be considered an invention of tomorrow that we have the benefit of using today.



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