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Choosing a Hand Dryer Tips

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Should I buy American Standard products for my home bathroom remodeling?

American Standard - The Standard for Residential Bathrooms

For decades, American Standard has modeled the residential bathrooms of the Americas. If you are remodeling your bathroom and want style with efficiency, take a look at the advances that American Standard has made in everything from toilets to hand dryers. American Standard toilets have led the way in water efficiency for as long as they have been in business. Their models have reduced the water needed to flush the average toilet by over 50% as compared to before they hit the market. Their technology extends past toilets. American Standard has also begun creating and developing new technology in restroom auto dryers. Traditionally, automatic hand dryers were almost exclusively employed in public restrooms. However, American Standard and other manufacturers have brought this technology into homes in a practical way. Consult with a representative from American Standard or a retailer carrying their brand if you are remodeling your bathrooms. You won't be disappointed with the pricing or the results.

Are there any benefits to getting stainless steel hand dryers for my restrooms?

Stainless Steel Hand Dryers - A Sleek Look for Your Restrooms

For the restaurant owner who wants to maintain the feel of their place on into the restrooms, stainless steel hand dryers may be the solution for you. The stainless look is a good contrast to the typical stark white that most restrooms have in them. You lose nothing in terms of performance from stainless steel hand dryers as compared to painted dryers and there are benefits as well. Stainless steel hand dryers will not look as dirty as easily. The painted dryers can eventually chip and even rust, meaning faster replacement and more costs to you. Stainless steel hand dryers, however, will never face those problems.

Cleaning stainless steel dryers is as simple as wiping it down with the closest rag and polish. These stainless steel hand dryers may not only be the decorative solution to your restroom requirements, but they also will give you a longer life with less maintenance. When choosing a hand dryer type for your bathrooms, keep these things in mind.

What makes warm air hand dryers dry better?

Warm Air - Hand Dryers Most Important Factor

Automatic hand dryers are made to be an efficient alternative to towels, paper and other. However, without warm air, hand dryers would never be able to provide the drying capabilities necessary to practically replace towels. You see, the pressure of the air from a hand dryer is not enough to dry alone. It requires a combination of the air pressure and the warmth of the air being used to effectively dry one's hands. How warm the air from the hand dryer needs to be depends on the room it is in. The warmer the room temperature, the less warm the air needs to be from the hand dryer. The cooler the room, the hotter the air needs to be. For the most efficient warm air hand dryer, take a look at the Mediflow from Saniflow Systems. This new design of hand dryer adjusts the temperature of the air it uses based on the room's temperature. This will save you a bundle in you electricity while still giving a dry result.

What are the advantages to the new Mediflow hand dryers?

The Mediflow - Intelligent Hand Drying

After years of leading the industry in touchless hand dryers, Saniflow has introduced the first ‘intelligent' automatic hand dryer to the market – the Mediflow. The Mediflow employs LogicDry technology to save as much energy as possible while running. It is called ‘intelligent' hand drying because it is just that. An internal computer in the Mediflow can sense the temperature in the surrounding area. It then takes this temperature and adjusts the power and heat that it uses to dry hands. The balance between the outside elements and the Mediflow power and heat still provides a great drying experience without the need for toweling. The benefit to the owner is simple – you will save on your electricity. By optimizing the power that is used in the Mediflow, you only use a minimal amount of power to get the job done. In restrooms where the heat can rise to 95 degrees, the Mediflow will be 88% more efficient than a standard automatic dryer. These are savings that cannot be ignored. The costs of the Mediflow dryer will be saved in no time in electric costs.

How do I clean my chrome hand dryers?

Polishing a Chrome Hand Dryer

Choosing a restroom hand dryer for your public bathroom was a task but you decided on chrome hand dryers. These dryers accent the space while still providing a good dry for the users. Now, how do you keep them looking great? Cleaning these chrome hand dryers is easy with the right tools and a little elbow grease. Here is a step by step to cleaning your chrome hand dryer. • First, get the tools. You will need a sponge, some window cleaner, some paper towels, a few clean rags, and some chrome polish (or product like NevrDull). • Next, begin by using the paper towels and window cleaner to give the surface a good clean. Here you just want to get the grime and dirt that may have accumulated after a long time in use. • After that step, you will want to start applying the chrome polish using a clean rag. Apply the polish in circles as to get an even spread with no scuffs. • Once you have applied the polish, let it set for a minute or two before buffing. • To buff the polish, take another clean rag and, applying pressure, rub the polish off in a circular motion again. Your final result should be a chrome hand dryer that could double as a mirror. It doesn't hurt to put two coats of polish on there, for that extra shine.

Is the World Dryer hair dryer a good solution for my hotel?

World Dryer - Your Solution for Hotel Hair Dryers

For hotels offering their guests with extra bathroom amenities, hair dryers are a great one to add. World Dryer, a leading manufacturer of automatic hand and hair dryers, offers a commercial hair dryer model that would be perfect for any hotel or motel. These units are wall mounted and have extra long hose attachments for those people who like to wander while they dry. World dryer also offers a warrantee on each of their hair dryers that will be needed should you get the wrong guests. Small in size but large in power, these dryers can be used for hair, hands, nails, or even for the whole body out of the shower. They have adjustable heat levels so that your guests can get the comfort of home. If you want to provide your hotel guests with the most in bathroom amenities, give them a hair dryer that will be even better than the one at home.

Is a plastic hand dryer durable enough for my needs?

The Downside to a Plastic Hand Dryer

With all of the choices now available in warm air hand dryers on the market, let us fill you in on one thing to steer clear of. Plastic hand dryers are often cost efficient, but when you figure that they rarely last as long as their cast iron or stainless steel counterparts and will need to be replaced far more often, the deal just isn't that good. You see, the warm air that is used in hand dryers will do more damage faster on a plastic hand dryer system. Plastics have been made far sturdier lately. However, even the sturdiest of plastics cannot compare to iron or steel. Therefore, the heat from the hand dryer will erode the plastic in less time than the metal units. If long life is a pre-requisite to your hand dryer purchase, we recommend sticking to the cast iron or steel hand dryers available and steer clear of the plastic hand dryer. When choosing a hand dryer for your bathroom, you may want to think beyond plastic.

Does Saniflow make more than just hand dryers?

Saniflow Restroom Accessories for the Whole Restroom

Saniflow has been a leader in bathroom accessories for many years. They have been greatly responsible for some of the largest advancements in hand dryer technology. However, many people think that they exclusively make hand dryers. This couldn't be farther from the truth. If you need more than just a hand dryer for your remodeled restroom, Saniflow can provide you with everything from toilet paper holders to trash cans.

What are the benefits of a cast iron dryer?

Benefits of a Cast Iron Dryer

For heavily trafficked restrooms, there is few better hand drying solutions than a cast iron dryer. When choosing a hand dryer, keep in mind that cast iron dryers are durable and can withstand the damage that comes in high traffic restrooms in such places as bars, nightclubs, and gas stations. This type of traffic often leads to vandalism and a cast iron hand dryer will serve you well in this respect. Cast iron dryers are coated with paint of any color you choose. Should vandalism occur on your dryer, you can simply sand and paint over the affected area. In addition to painting over graffiti, a cast iron dryer is great for customization.

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