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Touchless Dryer Tips

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Can I fix my no touch hand dryer on my own or do I need help?

What to do with a Broken No Touch Hand Dryer

No touch hand dryers are fairly advanced pieces of machinery. However, depending on what is wrong with your broken unit, you may be able to repair it yourself. First, check with your manual that came from the manufacturer. There should be some troubleshooting touchless dryer tips that you can go through before worrying about calling them or a repair person.

Take a close look at the situation. Do you smell anything coming from the unit? If you smell anything resembling a smoky or burning smell, chances are you have fried a circuit and will need help with the repair. If no smells are there, your no touch hand dryer probably has something simple wrong.

Go through the troubleshooting tips one by one. If you still have trouble figuring out what went wrong with your unit, contact the manufacturer for their recommendations. If they are no help, get the yellow pages or the web to help you find an electrician who can help.

When shouldn't I install touchelss hand dryers?

When Not To Install Touchless Hand Dryers

Touchless hand dryers are a great advancement for sanitation in restrooms. However, not all restrooms are right for touchless hand dryers and would be better served by a push-button dryer instead. One of the best touchless dryer tips is knowing when not to install one.

The first example of when to go with a push-button instead of touchless hand dryers is in smaller restrooms. See, in a small restroom where the dryer would need to be very close to the sink, the touchless sensor could be set off when a person is still washing their hands. These sensors can be touchy, and each time they run it is costing you electricity. Stay away from installing touchless hand dryers in smaller restrooms.

Another instance of when not to go with touchless hand dryers is in places where the dryer may serve multiple purposes. Touchless dryers are not equipped for drying hair, for example, as traditional electric dryers can by swiveling the head. Maybe soon these models will be more available, but for now, stick to the push-button ones for these needs as they are tried and true.

Choosing between push-button and touchless hand dryers comes down to convenience and budget. Consult with a manufacturer or supplier to ask what would be the best model for your needs.

How long do touch free hand dryers last?

Buying Touch Free Hand Dryers - Look At The Lifespan

Not all touch free hand dryers are made equally. If you are buying a touch free hand dryer, one of the most important factors to take into account when making your purchase is the expected lifespan of the unit. Different manufacturers claim different lifespans of their units and here are a few touchless dryer tips on terms to keep an eye out for.

Hours – Rather than in years, which relate more to warranties, the life of most touch free hand dryers is measured in hours. A good unit will come with a guaranteed lifespan of 30,000 hours. As an average, this often translates into over 12 years between replacements.

Type of motor – Again, not all dryers are made the same. The best, longest life will come from a dryer constructed with a brush free motor which requires little to no maintenance.

Washes – Some makers will give you statistics about how many washes you can get out of your touch free hand dryers. Hours are a far more reliable measure, but washes are good for comparison as well. Look for dryers with at least 60,000 washes.

How can I safely install a touchless hand dryer?

Installing a Touchless Hand Dryer

To safely install a touchless hand dryer, or any electric appliance for that matter, you should first consult an electrician. You may not be able to self-install depending on your current flow of electricity and wire access. However, if you have everything in order, self-installation is a breeze. Here are some touchless dryer tips on installation:

Installing a touchless hand dryer is not much different than any other fixture, such as a fan or hanging light. First, find the outlet where you have the electricity you need to access. This may require cutting a new hole and installing a junction box for a new unit. Once your box is in place, simply attach the wires using electric tape and wire-nuts according to the instructions that come with the unit.

Once the electricity id connected, most units will come with a wall bracket for attaching the unit to the wall surface. Measure and install the bracket first. Once the bracket is in place and your wires are connected, your unit should either snap into place or require only a few screw to affix it to the bracket. When you are done, turn your breaker back on and give it a whirl. If the touchless hand dryer does not respond, consult your manufacturer for any errors or omissions in your assembly.

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