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Buying Touch Free Hand Dryers - Look At The Lifespan

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How long do touch free hand dryers last?

Buying Touch Free Hand Dryers - Look At The Lifespan

Not all touch free hand dryers are made equally. If you are buying a touch free hand dryer, one of the most important factors to take into account when making your purchase is the expected lifespan of the unit. Different manufacturers claim different lifespans of their units and here are a few touchless dryer tips on terms to keep an eye out for.

Hours – Rather than in years, which relate more to warranties, the life of most touch free hand dryers is measured in hours. A good unit will come with a guaranteed lifespan of 30,000 hours. As an average, this often translates into over 12 years between replacements.

Type of motor – Again, not all dryers are made the same. The best, longest life will come from a dryer constructed with a brush free motor which requires little to no maintenance.

Washes – Some makers will give you statistics about how many washes you can get out of your touch free hand dryers. Hours are a far more reliable measure, but washes are good for comparison as well. Look for dryers with at least 60,000 washes.



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