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Top Public Restroom Apps Tips

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Top 5 Restroom Finder Apps

Everyone has been in the situation of being out and needing to use a public bathroom. The following restroom finder applications have tapped into that universal truth.

  1. SitorSquat: The toilet paper company Charmin puts out this app. After you download the app, which is available for both iPhone and Android, and it allows you to search, view, rate and add bathrooms. Information is available for bathrooms worldwide, so it will be useful when you’re traveling. SitorSquat is free.

  2. Potty’s: If you want to turn toilet time into a game, Potty’s is the app for you. This app utilizes user-generated information and includes locations, ratings, reviews and photos of public bathrooms. Potty's differs in that using the app generates points. Points give you designations for the “Potty Palaces,” which you can share with friends. This iPhone app costs 99 cents.

  3. Public Toilets: Put out by Medialemon GmbH, this app was designed for iPhone and iPad, but it comes in a universal version. You can find, post and rate public restrooms. Information is pretty comprehensive, with around 50,000 public restrooms rated in the US and Europe. Many posts include photos. This app is free.

  4. ToiletFinder: This application is still in the process of collecting user-generated data. However, you can search by location and see a map of the bathrooms in your area. The application also allows you to filter your search according to highest rated, worst rated, gender-specific and facility options. Information is available for Europe and the North America. ToiletFinder is free.

  5. Imodium Bathroom Finder: Put out by the diarrhea-relief company Imodium, the Bathroom Finder locates facilities according to zip codes. Results come up for businesses with public bathrooms, which you can view on a map or as an address. The information includes business hours on this free app.

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