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Public Washroom Dispenser Guide Tips

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What are the benefits of an automatic paper towel dispenser?

Benefits of an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

When you are done washing you hands in a public restroom, do you really want to pull on the same lever that others have pulled on? Who knows how well the last guy washed his hands. It is for this reason, mainly, that the automatic paper towel dispenser was invented.

You aren't alone in thinking that it is silly to touch something so infrequently cleaned just after washing your hands. Many manufacturers recognized this problem and introduced motion sensor technology in the form of automatic paper towel dispensers. These inventions work so that without touching anything, and simply by waving your hand beneath the mechanism, you can get your needed paper towels to finish drying off.

For owners of establishments, these automatic paper towel dispensers provide far more control over the use of paper towels. In the past, patrons could grab paper towels by the handful, discarding most of them without even using them. With automatic paper towel dispensers, the towels are distributed according to your settings of quantity. This will save you big on your paper product ordering.

There are many more advantages to automatic paper towel dispensers. Consult with one of the many manufacturers of these units for more information and pricing.

Am I better off getting towel dispensers with rolls or sheets of towels?

Towel Dispensers - Roll or Sheet?

When buying towel dispensers for your restroom, garage, or other area, there are many choices you will need to make. If you go with a non-automatic towel dispenser, you will want to decide whether you wish to install a roll system with a lever, or a simple sheet dispenser which requires less effort. Trying to decide which type to purchase? Here is a simple public washroom dispenser guide:

There are benefits to both models of towel dispensers. Both are far less expensive to purchase and maintain than automatic towel dispensers. Both are easily installed and easy to refill. However, the differences are a matter of convenience and conservation.

With towel dispensers that distribute sheets, people using them can grab as many individual sheets as they like with little effort. The small effort needed makes these towel dispensers far more convenient for your users. Often, this means that a handful of paper towels will be thrown in the trash without really having been used. A few users like this in a row and you will be re-stocking your towel dispensers in no time. With the roll towel dispensers, a lever is required in order to retrieve each sheet-length of paper. With these towel dispensers, people are less willing to expend the effort to take towels they didn't need in the first place. These roll towel dispensers may be slightly less convenient because of the action required to operate them, but they will conserve far more than the sheet dispensers.

How do you refill a manual lever paper towel dispenser?

Refilling a Manual Paper Towel Dispenser

While not all paper towel dispensers are made the same, most have a similar design for refilling empty rolls of towels. You should always, first, try to follow the instructions that came with the paper towel dispenser, but if that fails, here are is a public washroom dispenser guide on the most common procedure.

First, unlatch the casing from the dispenser. Most have a plastic keyhole that you can twist with a simple flat-head screwdriver. One simple twist is all it should take, so, if you feel that the keyhole isn't turning as it should, you shouldn't apply too much pressure of it will break. If the hole won't turn on its own, you will want to consult your manufacturer.

If you succeed in unlocking the casing, there should be a release lever inside of the paper towel dispenser. This lever or button will release one end of the empty roll allowing you to remove it. Once you remove the empty roll, simply slide a new roll in its place. You should be able to slide the roller back into its proper position easily once the roll is on. Now, simply enclose the casing again and lock the latch.

If these instructions don't seem to fit your particular paper towel dispenser, try contacting the maker of your model for further help.

Should I use a dispenser for napkins at my restaurant?

Dispenser or No Dispenser for Napkins at Your Restaurant

For restaurants that do not use cloth napkins at their tables, providing paper napkins in an efficient manner is a tough task. You don't want to spend more than you need to on your napkins, so how can you control their distribution? A dispenser for napkins at your restaurant could be the solution, and it doesn't have to cramp your restaurants style.

Depending on the type of restaurant you are the owner or manager of, the type of dispenser for napkins that you choose will vary. For fast-food or take out restaurants, a centralized location for a dispenser of napkins is a good choice. If you have a sit-down restaurant, placing an individual dispenser for napkins at each table would make far more sense.

You can even order custom made dispensers. The napkin dispenser is not constructed from any materials that cannot be shaped and customized. In fact, the actual dispenser of the napkins can be placed inside of almost any mold or design. Companies are available that can provide you with a dispenser for napkins that will blend right in with your tables.

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