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Dispenser or No Dispenser for Napkins at Your Restaurant

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Should I use a dispenser for napkins at my restaurant?

Dispenser or No Dispenser for Napkins at Your Restaurant

For restaurants that do not use cloth napkins at their tables, providing paper napkins in an efficient manner is a tough task. You don't want to spend more than you need to on your napkins, so how can you control their distribution? A dispenser for napkins at your restaurant could be the solution, and it doesn't have to cramp your restaurants style.

Depending on the type of restaurant you are the owner or manager of, the type of dispenser for napkins that you choose will vary. For fast-food or take out restaurants, a centralized location for a dispenser of napkins is a good choice. If you have a sit-down restaurant, placing an individual dispenser for napkins at each table would make far more sense.

You can even order custom made dispensers. The napkin dispenser is not constructed from any materials that cannot be shaped and customized. In fact, the actual dispenser of the napkins can be placed inside of almost any mold or design. Companies are available that can provide you with a dispenser for napkins that will blend right in with your tables.



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