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Bathroom Construction Guide Tips

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What do I need to put in with constrcution of a public bathroom stall?

Essentials in a Public Bathroom Stall

If you are involved in the construction of a public bathroom stall, you will not need a bathroom construction guide to accessorize properly for the public, you just need a detailes list. There are a few accessories that are absolutely necessary, and others that are a matter of convenience. Your local health codes may also mandate what you put in your bathroom stall, so be sure to check with the local authority on the matter. • Toilet Paper – You will need to provide easy access to a toilet paper dispenser in your bathroom stall. This may sound far too obvious, but you would be surprised at how many bathroom stall designs do not take easy access into account. • Toilet Seat Covers – This is one where your local health board may have their own regulations. Many consider it a necessity to have toilet seat covers in a bathroom stall, and if you want to please everyone, they should be included. • Door Hook – In public restrooms, people often are carrying bags or wearing jackets that they would not want to rest on a bathroom floor. In your bathroom stall, offer a hook on the back of the door for people to hang their stuff on when using the facilities.

Is it easy to customize my bathroom mirrors?

Beveling Bathroom Mirrors For Effect

If you are redesigning a bathroom and want to give it a little extra style, think about beveling your bathroom mirrors. You can easily put a bevel or other effect on your bathroom mirrors yourself with easy to use kits available at your local store. First, go to your local home improvement store. Ask a specialist for adhesive mirror kits. These kits come with different styles of bevels and patters and they are all able to stick directly to your current mirror. Once you choose your style, get back in front of your bathroom mirrors and get to work. Most of these kits come with self adhering tape on the pieces. You will want to have a cutting utility handy to make custom edge cuts in a snap. Once you measure out and cut your pieces, simply peel the protective paper off of the adhesive sections and stick the small pieces directly to your bathroom mirrors. These do it yourself kits a great way to spruce up your bathroom mirrors without getting into the costs of a glass cutter. Give it a try and you will see for yourself.

What is the best way to mount my bathroom mirrors?

Mounting Bathroom Mirrors

If you are installing new bathroom mirrors, you have a few choices in how to mount or hang them. Here is our brief bathroom construction guide on some of the most typical installation procedures for bathroom mirrors: Adhesives – Many bathroom mirrors are simply affixed to the wall by using industrial adhesives. These adhesives are powerful so that they can withstand the steam, heat, and other elements that would quickly make most adhesives ineffective. Hanging Brackets – You can also use the small plastic or metal brackets to hang your bathroom mirrors. These are first nailed or screwed into the wall and then used to brace the bathroom mirror. Be sure that if using these, you line them up correctly and level. Cable – For decorative bathroom mirrors, you can hand them using the same type of hook and cable system for hanging pictures. Be sure to get a high density cable as mirrors fall hard when they fall. You need a sturdy support to make sure this doesn't happen. There are many other custom ways to install bathroom mirrors. Many come with their own hanging supports or levers. Good luck with your bathroom mirror installation.

Is there a proper way to empty waste receptacles?

Safely Emptying Waste Receptacles

Handling other peoples waste and garbage is a job that nobody envies. For those that are charged with this responsibility, there are measures that you can take to protect yourself from what may be stored in many waste receptacles. Here are a few pointers on how to protect yourself.

• Wear Gloves – You never know what types of objects people dispose of in waste receptacles, and this can often include sharp or pointy objects, To protect yourself from getting a jab, wear dense gloves when emptying waste receptacles.

• Seal Tight – When you transfer the waste from one receptacle to another, whether bag or other means of transport seal the waste tightly to avoid it spilling out. Emptying a waste receptacle is one thing, picking up a bunch of spilled waste is another.

• Disinfect – When you empty the waste receptacle, use a disinfectant to finish the job in the empty space. Do this before putting the next bag in and you will find that you won't have as nasty a job the next time you need to empty the waste receptacles.

Emptying waste receptacles is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. If that is you, than be as safe and sanitary as you can.

How can I clear off the fog on my bathroom mirrors?

Defogging Bathroom Mirrors - Easy Tricks

If you are tired of getting out of the shower and having to wait for the fog to disappear from your bathroom mirrors before shaving or putting on make-up, here are a few tips that can speed up the process. • Fog-Proof Mirrors – Many bathroom mirrors are now made with fog-proof glass. These are great for use even while you are in a hot running shower. They wont fog up no matter how much steam you throw at them. • Hair Dryer – If you want to get the fog off of your bathroom mirrors quickly, use your hair dryer. A blow dryer will give off enough hot air to quickly dissipate the steam from the mirror. In ten seconds you can have a clear bathroom mirror again. • Anti-Fog Cleaners – There are versions of mirror cleaners now available that boast a resistance to steam and fog after use. Some work better than others for this purpose and I would recommend trying out a small bottle before buying too much. Keeping your bathroom mirrors fog free is easy and can be done in many ways. Don't waste any more time waiting for them to clear up on their own.

Should I have lids on my bathroom trash cans?

Using Lids for Bathroom Trash Cans

With bathroom trashcans, you especially do not want the trash spilling onto the floor. Someone will have to pick it up and nobody knows what that particular paper towel on the ground was used for. There is an easy solution. When you are buying bathroom trash cans for your restrooms, get ones with removable or self-swinging lids or covers.

Many restrooms do not have lids on their trash cans and this can make for problems galore. First, if your staff slacks on emptying the bathroom trash cans, there will most certainly be an overflow of garbage at some point. Also, without a lid on your bathroom trash can, offensive odors can emanate throughout the restroom over time. They can even spread into the rest of your office or restaurant.

Buying bathroom trash cans with lids makes sense for a number of reasons. Check with suppliers of bathroom trash cans to see what styles are available to you for your needs.

Where can I get custom cut bathroom mirrors?

Getting Custom Cut Bathroom Mirrors

When a good design is what you are looking for in your bathrooms, don't stop at the shower curtain and paint. You can add something special to your bathroom with a custom cut bathroom mirror. Many glaziers are available that can cut you bathroom mirrors to any specifications. Get on the Internet or in your local phone book and look up glass cutters or ‘glaziers'. Be sure to ask if they work with mirrors, and particularly bathroom mirrors, as many will only deal with clear panes of glass. When you find the right one, be sure to meet with them in person. When you meet with a glass cutter, try to portray to them your ideas for overall design of the bathroom mirrors. A good glazier will have a portfolio and even suggestions for your particular design ideas. Getting custom cut bathroom mirrors can get expensive depending on your design, but don't you want to look back at yourself through a unique mirror? I thought so.

How can I replace my stall latches on an old bathroom door?

Replacing Your Bathroom Stall Latches

The doors to public restroom stalls swing back and forth more often than any other type of door. Although these doors are designed with this in mind, after years of use, even the strongest stall latches need replacing. Many people think that they need to replace the entire door when this happens. This is not the case. To replace the latches you don't need to read an entire bathroom construction guide, just follow the simple steps below.

First, examine how the stall latches are affixed to the door. Usually, there are only a few screws that will hold each piece in place. If so, you can begin by removing the old stall latch form both the door and the locking point. Once the old stall latch is off, clean the surface as best as you can in preparation for the new stall latches.

Now, get out the new stall latch that you want to install. With your new latch, the holes to install it may not match up. If not, use a pencil to mark the new holes and drill them out with a sturdy drill bit. If the holes intersect, use a putty that will harden before drilling the new holes.

Lastly, follow the instructions that came with the new stall latch to properly screw in the unit. This may involve washers or spaces that will ensure that the latch seals when used. Make sure to follow the procedure exactly as instructed to install your new bathroom latches.

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