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Getting Custom Cut Bathroom Mirrors

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Where can I get custom cut bathroom mirrors?

Getting Custom Cut Bathroom Mirrors

When a good design is what you are looking for in your bathrooms, don't stop at the shower curtain and paint. You can add something special to your bathroom with a custom cut bathroom mirror. Many glaziers are available that can cut you bathroom mirrors to any specifications. Get on the Internet or in your local phone book and look up glass cutters or ‘glaziers'. Be sure to ask if they work with mirrors, and particularly bathroom mirrors, as many will only deal with clear panes of glass. When you find the right one, be sure to meet with them in person. When you meet with a glass cutter, try to portray to them your ideas for overall design of the bathroom mirrors. A good glazier will have a portfolio and even suggestions for your particular design ideas. Getting custom cut bathroom mirrors can get expensive depending on your design, but don't you want to look back at yourself through a unique mirror? I thought so.



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