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Hand Dryer Guide Tips

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Where can I find a hand dryer distributor?

Locating a Hand Dryer Distributor

If you are opening a new store, restaurant, or gas station, you will want to have the cleanest, most functional restrooms possible. If you are looking to keep your costs down in this area, for the long haul, you should do away with the thought of using paper towels and find a wall mounted hand dryer distributor. A good hand dryer distributor can provide you with several options for your establishment. To find a hand dryer distributor, begin with the web. Most of these distributors are directly from the manufacturers and they have websites with details of what they offer. Contact several distributors before deciding which to go with. When getting your pricing, take into account the following hand dryer guide: • How hot does their hand dryer get? • How much air pressure does each put out? • Is there a warranty and, if so, how long is it? • Do they provide maintenance? If you keep these questions into account, you will have no problem choosing the right hand dryer distributor for your new business.

How do wall mounted hand dryers work?

The Physics Behind Wall Mounted Hand Dryers

It is obvious how paper towels work to dry our hands – absorption. With air powered, wall mounted hand dryers, there is slightly different physics at work. Here is a quick explanation of how these wall mounted hand dryers work so efficiently at getting us on our way. The first piece of physics involved is pressure. You see, the air coming out of wall mounted hand dryers is coming at a speed that it will push excess moisture from your hands. Combine this with the second bit of physics involved – heat – and you get evaporation. Most wall mounted hand dryers suggest rubbing your hands together as they dry. This provides friction, which leads to more evaporation of the moisture. Between the pressure, heat, and friction that come into play when using wall mounted hand dryers, you can see why they have become the dryer of choice for many public restrooms.

What are the benefits of a touch-free wall mounted hand dryer?

Benefits of a Touch-Free Wall Mounted Hand Dryer

In many public restrooms and restaurants, you can now use a “touch free” wall mounted hand dryer. These are activated by motion and allow you to begin drying your hand without having to press a button. Here is a brief hand dryer guide on the advantages to the touch free wall mounted hand dryer: • Cleanliness – Do you know how many people use a public restroom on any given day? A lot! Touch free wall mounted hand dryers allow each person to share in the drying experience, without sharing the germs that they have on their hands before drying. An older wall mounted hand dryer would require each person to touch the exact same spot to get started, hardly the most sanitary of conditions. • Timing – With the older wall mounted hand dryer, the air would last only as long as it was pre-programmed to when the button was pressed. Now, “touch free” wall mounted hand dryers will keep pumping that hot air out for as long as you keep moving your hand beneath it. This means no more having to race the clock to dry your hands. There are many other advantages to the new “touch free” wall mounted hand dryer. If you are in the market for a wall mounted hand dryer for your business, check into these. They are definitely worth the extra cost.

Why do some restrooms have paper towels and others use a wall mounted hand dryer?

Paper or Air - The Better Hand Dryer

When you are using a public restroom you often have the choice between paper towels and wall mounted hand dryers. Many restrooms only offer one or the other, but some do still have both. When deciding how to dry your hands, think about this choice before heading to the paper. The hot air powered hand dryer was invented and put into mass distribution for many reasons. First, is the environmental purpose. You see, few people use only the amount of paper towels that they need to dry their hands and instead use copious amounts of paper. This waste leads to the need for more paper, which leads to more tree cutting. The second reason is related to the first. The waste of paper is also costly to the proprietors of these restrooms, whether the state or private owner. The air hand dryer leaves no waste. Owners do not need to order more paper towels when they employ wall mounted hand dryers and this keeps their costs down greatly. Next time you have the choice between paper towels and a wall mounted hand dryer, think about your decision and its repercussions before drying your hands.

Is an electric hand dryer safe?

The Safety of the Electric Hand Dryer

Many people wouldn't think that electricity would be the best thing to go hand in hand with, well, drying your hands. We all know that electricity and water don't make for great bedfellows, so how can electric hand dryers ensure safety with the two elements in such close proximity? It is simple – the answer is that the manufacturers have put safety precaution after safety precaution in these electric hand dryers that make them perfectly safe. That is, as long as they are used correctly. Pay attention to the following hand dryer guide on safety. Between the shielding that surrounds the electric currents and the other safety precautions put in place by manufacturers, the electric hand dryer has enjoyed a safe history. As new advances in insulation are made, the technology finds its way into this application.

Should I use an air dryer for my restaurant kitchen?

Kitchen Sanitation - Air Dryer Over Paper

In restaurants, kitchen sanitation is of the utmost importance and should be watched with a keen eye. There are many aspects of sanitation that are overlooked. All restaurants hand strict hand-washing guidelines for their employees, but few dictate how to dry your hands after washing. For the most sanitary results, use an air dryer instead of paper towels. Industrial paper towels are made from materials that can flake as you dry. With an air dryer, there are no such impediments that could remain after you finish drying. Some kitchens even use regular towels instead of paper, which after being used by two or three people, will carry extra particles from each. With an air dryer in your kitchen, nobody will share anything but the sink. If you have a restaurant and want to ensure that you have the most sanitary kitchen you can provide, have your kitchen staff use an air dryer instead of towels to finish the job.

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