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Locating a Hand Dryer Distributor

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Where can I find a hand dryer distributor?

Locating a Hand Dryer Distributor

If you are opening a new store, restaurant, or gas station, you will want to have the cleanest, most functional restrooms possible. If you are looking to keep your costs down in this area, for the long haul, you should do away with the thought of using paper towels and find a wall mounted hand dryer distributor. A good hand dryer distributor can provide you with several options for your establishment. To find a hand dryer distributor, begin with the web. Most of these distributors are directly from the manufacturers and they have websites with details of what they offer. Contact several distributors before deciding which to go with. When getting your pricing, take into account the following hand dryer guide: • How hot does their hand dryer get? • How much air pressure does each put out? • Is there a warranty and, if so, how long is it? • Do they provide maintenance? If you keep these questions into account, you will have no problem choosing the right hand dryer distributor for your new business.



8/20/2011 3:03:51 AM
mado said:

this and dryers ar prvoven to spread microbes withn workingareas


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