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Restroom Sanitation Tips

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What is the cleanest option if I can't afford a touch-free faucet?

Can't Afford Touchless Faucets? Single-Lever Models Enhance Restroom Sanitation

Some recent studies suggest that the hot water tap in a public restroom may be even germier than the toilet seat! When selecting bathroom fixtures for a public restroom, consider a touchless faucet or a single-lever model, rather than a style with a hot and cold water tap. If you can't afford a touchless faucet, choose the single-lever model, which manages the flow of water more efficiently, and can be turned on with the flick of a wrist or elbow by customers who want to avoid touching the faucet.

Are there paperless alternatives to paper toilet seat covers?

Sani-Seat Provides Paperless Alternative To Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Although paper toilet seat covers are an effective way to maintain public restroom sanitation, the SaniSeat provides a paperless alternative. A Sani-Seat toilet seat is covered with a roll of Sani-Wrap, a patented, dermatologist-approved product made of high-density polyethylene. Before or after use, the customer waves a hand over a sensor, which causes the seat to rotate and provide a new, hygienic surface. Each used section of Sani-Wrap is destroyed after use and cannot be re-used.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, is a public venue that has successfully incorporated this method of restroom sanitation, which may be a feasible option for similar high-traffic areas. Also, many customers, especially older persons or parents with young children, appreciate not trying to arrange a paper toilet seat cover.

What are the benefits of foam or spray soaps in public bathrooms?

Choose Foam Soap Rather Than Liquid For Less Mess

Foam, or spray soaps are becoming more popular in public restrooms because they make cleaning restooms easier. Whether the soap dispenser is touchless or a push-style model, the foam or spray soap does not leave the gloppy residue that often ends up on the sink after each squirt from a liquid soap dispenser and looks unsightly.

How can I afford an auto hand dryer?

One Auto Hand Dryer Can Pay For The Next One

If you're a business owner considering an auto hand dryer, but unsure of the cost-effectiveness, consider starting with one auto hand dryer, in addition to paper towel dispensers. Although dryers cost $200-$500, depending on their features, the long-term savings are significant because of the saving on paper towel refills. So, once you've saved some money after installing one dryer, you may find that you have enough to install a second one, and get rid of the paper towel dispenser.

If installing an auto hand dryer in a public restroom in a building with cement or concrete walls, extra conduit cables may be needed to carry the wires to an outlet. Consult an electrician to determine the best way to install an auto hand dryer.

How many toilet seat covers do dispensers hold?

Choose A Style Of Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser To Suit Your Space

All dispensers for toilet seat covers are not created equal. Most toilet seat cover dispensers hold 250 paper toilet seat covers and are designed to dispense one at a time to reduce waste. But beyond that, business owners can choose from stainless steel or contemporary white plastic to match the public restroom design, and the dispensers can be mouted on public restroom walls at various heights in accordance with ADA requirements as needed.

What features make cleaning restrooms easier/

Curved Floor Tiles In Public Restroom Corners Make Cleaning Restrooms Easier

When choosing floor surfaces for public restrooms, two goals are often at odds: The need to prevent people from falling and the need for easy cleaning. Placing curved pieces of tile--rather than tiles at 90-degree angles--in the corners of public restrooms make cleaning restrooms easier by reducing dirt build-up and cross-contamination.

How are touch free hand dryers more sanitary than push-button models?

Touch-Free Hand Dryers Reduce Cross-Contamination

Installing touch-free hand dryers in a public restroom greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Ideally, customers use a public toilet, and then wash their hands, but unfortunately neither customers nor employees always wash as thoroughly as they should, so a push-button automatic hand dryer, which saves money and paper, provides another opportunity to spread germs within the public restroom. A touch-free dryer eliminates this opportunity to pass germs. Automatic hand dryers don't need to be cleaned as often as other models, but when they do, be sure your cleaning staff wear gloves to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the touch-free hand dryer.

What are the advantages of toilet seat cover dispensers?

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers Keep Restrooms Sanitary

If you plan to make paper toilet seat covers available in a public restroom, don't forget the toilet seat cover dispensers inside each stall for multi-stall restrooms. Placing a toilet seat cover dispenser in each stall keeps people moving during busy times by avoiding backups and crowding as customers stand in line—or jostle each other—to retrieve a paper toilet seat cover before entering the stall. Various manufacturers such as Kimberly-Clark offer toilet seat cover dispensers in stainless steel or other finishes to match the look of the public restroom. These dispensers issue one paper toilet seat cover at a time to reduce waste, which saves money.

What are some advantages of disposable toilet seat covers?

Choose Disposable Toilet Seat Covers For Quick And Easy Restroom Sanitation

Customers will feel more comfortable using a public restroom if disposable toilet seat covers are available. These covers save time and money compared to the mess and inconvenience when customers try to use paper towels or toilet paper to cover the toilet seat before use. Disposable toilet seat covers flush easily and prevent the potential for clogged toilets due to excess tissues and towels being flushed, and they save on the cost of paper towels being used for this purpose. Obviously if your restroom has an automatic hand dryer instead of paper towels, it is especially important to restroom sanitation to provide disposable seat covers.

How can touchless hand dryers stay as clean as possible?

Clean Touchless Hand Dryers Without Touching Them

The ongoing chore of maintaining restroom sanitation can be made easier by using high-pressure sprays and vacuum systems to clean appliances. These products, such as the high-pressure spray made by the Durkin Co., are not for deep cleaning, but they work especially well for the daily cleaning of touchless appliances, such as touchless hand dryers, that don't get as dirty as push-button styles.

Although touchless hand dryers tend to cost slightly more than push-button models, customers are increasingly interested in hygienic bathroom fixtures, and studies have shown that they see these features as valuable and beneficial to public health, and they respond favorably to restrooms with touchless features. So, if you are installing touchless soap dispensers and water faucets, go all the way and install the touchless hand dryers, too.

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