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Public Restroom Baby Changing Guide Tips

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What do I do if there is no changing table?

What To Do When There is No Changing Table

While many restaurants, ball parks and malls have baby changing tables, you will sometimes run across a place that doesn't have a flat surface for you to change your baby. If this is the case and you're looking for a private place, put a baby blanket on the floor of the bathroom and a changing pad above that. After you change the baby, either put the baby blanket (which is now dirty) far from the baby or fold it so the dirty side is facing outward.

Can I get my own changing table instead of using the ones in public restrooms?

Personal Baby Changing Tables

Advances in compact technology have made having a baby far more convenient than in the past. Today, you can get collapsing strollers, cribs, and even diaper changing tables and disposal units. For the family that travels a lot and is wary of using public facilities, these portable changing tables are perfect.

If you want to travel with your baby but also want to keep it safe from what other parent may leave behind at the public diaper changing stations, look into buying your own portable changing table. The expense is easily worth the peace of mind.

Why do so many public restrooms use changing station made by Koala Bear Care?

Koala Bear Kare - A Leader in Changing Stations

Once in a while, a company steps up to meet the needs of a demanding public. Sometime, this means breaking through with new inventions that soon, people cannot imagine how they ever did without. When it comes to baby changing stations, Koala Bear Kare has been the one to step up to meet the needs.

With every new model released from Koala Bear Care, changing stations are safer and safer for the user. Having a safe product is always important. When you are dealing with the most precious of things such as your baby, safety isn't just important, it is essential. Thank Koala Bear Care for making public changing stations safe for you and your baby.

What is the proper way to use a diaper changing pull down system?

Using a Diaper Changing Pull Down Station

Nothing is more precious than your baby. If you are traveling and need to use a diaper changing pull down station, be sure that you keep your baby safe by observing some simple precautions for their use.

• Set-Up – Most diaper changing pull down stations are constructed so that anyone can easily set it up safely. However, this technology is nothing that new and many units have had a lot of uses. When you pull down the baby changing station platform, double check for its sturdiness before setting your baby on it. Just apply pressure with your hands to make sure it is firm.

Always be sure to follow the instructions provided on the diaper changing pull down station. These units are inspected heavily before being put on the market and the instructions are your best key to safety.

How should I clean a baby changing station when I am done?

Be Courteous - Clean Your Baby Changing Station

Public baby changing stations are a modern convenience that helps millions of traveling families every day. The convenience has begun to be taken for granted, however, by parents who do not properly clean the station when they are done. Babies are extremely susceptible to infection and disease and improper cleaning of a baby changing station can assist in spreading such problems.

Are baby change tables with legs safer than the ones the float from the wall?

Baby Change Tables - Floating or Legs?

Baby change tables come in different models. The biggest difference you will notice is that some have legs and some do not. Most baby change tables retract from a wall. Some, after retracting, also have folding legs that you can release, while others rely on the strength of their hinges to keep the table secure.

Both types of baby change tables, those with legs and those without, are tested and safe for your baby. The makers of baby change tables are held under the highest scrutiny for the quality of their products. Design differences such as legs play little part in anything except unique design for a specific company.

If you are hesitant to use a baby change table that doesn't have legs on it, you shouldn't worry. The table wouldn't be in the room if it wasn't verified as perfectly safe and structurally sound for use with your child.

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