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Using a Diaper Changing Pull Down Station

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What is the proper way to use a diaper changing pull down system?

Using a Diaper Changing Pull Down Station

Nothing is more precious than your baby. If you are traveling and need to use a diaper changing pull down station, be sure that you keep your baby safe by observing some simple precautions for their use.

• Set-Up – Most diaper changing pull down stations are constructed so that anyone can easily set it up safely. However, this technology is nothing that new and many units have had a lot of uses. When you pull down the baby changing station platform, double check for its sturdiness before setting your baby on it. Just apply pressure with your hands to make sure it is firm.

Always be sure to follow the instructions provided on the diaper changing pull down station. These units are inspected heavily before being put on the market and the instructions are your best key to safety.



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