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Maintaining a Bathroom Tips

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Can I order my bathroom supplies on the Internet?

Ordering Bathroom Supplies Online

If there is one thing that we will always have a need for it is bathroom supplies. For those who are looking to save on this necessity, the Internet can provide incredible savings by purchasing your bathroom supplies in bulk. Maintaining a bathroom has never been so simple.

Whether you need toilet paper or cleaners, many websites allow you to get huge discounts by ordering in a large quantity. These items are non-perishable and will certainly be put to use eventually. The one drawback to ordering on the Internet is the shipping. Sending that much toilet paper can be expensive. However, keep your eye out for shipping discounts or coupon offers that you free shipping and you will get the deal you are looking for.

Save money on the essential bathroom supplies. Look into ordering bathroom supplies in bulk from online vendors and start clearing space in the pantry.

Is there a particular graffiti remover I should use for restrooms?

Different Options for Graffiti Remover

When it comes to public restrooms, there are few larger problems than graffiti. Graffiti on walls, toilet stalls, and even appliances can create headaches for any manager or cleaning staff. There are options for graffiti removers and here are a few.

• First, you can get a spray-on graffiti remover. These need to be used in conjunction with a dense sponge and a lot of elbow grease. Depending on the strength of the particular graffiti remover, you will have varying results.

• Graffiti Remover Wipes. Several chemical companies now offer wipes already impregnated with graffiti remover. These work well but also require plenty of effort to get good results.

There are also many graffiti blocking solvent that you can apply to surfaces. These chemicals work to make cleaning any graffiti much easier. It is a lot like using oil in a pan to keep from sticking.

How can I prevent streaks when using glass cleaner?

Using Glass Cleaner - Minus the Streaks

Nothing is more frustrating that taking the time to give a good cleaning to a glass table, window, or mirror only to find that when you are done, there are streaks everywhere. There are ways to prevent these streaks. Here are a few tips on how.

When using glass cleaner, you can buy certain types that claim to be ‘streak free'. Don't believe the hype. If improperly used, any glass cleaner will leave streaks. It is not in the chemicals completely, it is in how you apply it.

Make sure that when you are applying glass cleaner, you take long strokes with your paper towel or rag. You are not waxing the mirror and therefore you shouldn't use short motions. This type of cleaning will lead to streaks, not prevent them.

You should also wear gloves when cleaning glass whenever possible. The oils in our skin and hands will lead to streaking that is hard to remove. Gloves can block these oils from getting in the way if you accidentally lean on a piece of glass that you already cleaned.

Glass cleaner can work without leaving streaks. The key is in the application.

How can I keep my mirror cleaner on a regular basis?

How to Keep Your Mirror Cleaner

If you find that your bathroom mirrors are getting too dirty too fast, don't worry. There are easy ways that you can keep your mirrors cleaner on a regular basis. First, figure out what is causing the problem. Are you using hair products such as sprays that may be spreading a residue on the mirror? Does your make-up stray from the case to your face and end up on the glass? If you can properly address the main problem, you will take a big step forward in the process.

To keep your mirrors cleaner on a regular basis, you should first give them a really good cleaning with a typical glass cleaner. After you are done with that, apply a streak free mirror cleaner to the glass. Even RainX now makes a product for keep mirrors cleaner and free from fog. Fog from a shower leads to many streaky and dirty mirrors and these compounds can help a good amount.

Once you have these things taken care of, regular wiping of your mirrors should be sufficient to keeping them clean. If you have an older mirror that you can't seem to get clean, there may be imperfections in it from the age and you should look into replacing it.

What are the basic bathroom cleaners that I should have in my bathroom?

5 Essential Bathroom Cleaners

There are many different areas that need cleaning in a bathroom. No one instrument or cleaner can tackle them all. If you plan on maintaining a bthroom, here are 4 essential bathroom cleaners that every bathroom should possess.

1. Toilet Brush – Nothing in your bathroom gets more use than the toilet. A good toilet brush is necessary to keep the dirtiest part of the bathroom clean.

2. Glass Cleaner – With mirrors and maybe even glass doors to a shower, every bathroom needs glass cleaner for at least a few areas.

3. Mildew Remover – Between showers, sinks, and toilets, bathrooms are a haven for mildew growth. Many name brand mildew removers are available and each will work well. Mildew can lead to major problems, so be sure to get this one.

4. Tile Cleaner – If you have a tiles shower or countertop, you will need a good tile cleaner and sponge. These cleaners work on controlling mildew, bacteria, and many other dirty details in your bathroom.

Make sure you have each of these bathroom cleaners on hand to keep your bathrooms as clean as a whistle.

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